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  1. If I may ask, what firmware version is this? They released "VA111630" a while back to supposedly address nForce4 issues. However, I still have these drives drop out of Silicon Image controllers every so often...
  2. patord

    Anyone Else Tempted by SiL3132?

    One thing to note is some of these 3rd party board designers may use the reference design for the Si3132, but a few use a different flash rom part for the BIOS. What this means is if SI brings out a new RAID (or IDE for the non RAID controllers) BIOS for one of thes controllers, the stock SI drivers will be unable to flash them. The SI drivers are only designed with a handful of certain flash rom parts, so when a vendor substitutes for a read compatible version... that does not mean the drivers will know how to write to them. I bought a few SIIG controllers based on the Si3132, and I emailed their techs about this... and basically got back that "we are looking into this" canned response. Right now I cannot upgrade the BIOS on these things and they are running the original BIOS releases.
  3. patord

    Maxtor MaxLine III 300GB - 7V300F0

    I bought a few of these. Be cautious. There are MANY MANY threads on other forums (eg, the nVidia nforce support issues). 1. the drive is cheaper at 2. this is a 3 platter design (3 x 100gb) 3. if you plan to use this with a nForce4 motherboard, you may have detection issues. Do a google search and you'll find that some folks had to go through hell to get firmware updates for the drive. I have the latest firmware on this model now. However, none of my MSI nForce4 motherboards will detect it. I have been dealing with Maxtor techs for the last 2 weeks and will now have to involve MSI. Whats funny is that my Epox and Gigabyte nForce4 boards detect it fine. 4. If you plan to use this drive with a SATA 150 controller (eg, older VIA or nForce3), there is another post I just submitted about how to jumper these drives to force them into SATA 150 mode if needed. Good luck. The drive is decent for the price/performance. Maxtor needs to do a better job of testing these things with the various SATA controllers out there.
  4. patord

    MaxlineIII 7V250F0 on SataI possible?

    Numerous manufacturers STILL include jumpers on drives marketed as supporting SATA 150 and 300. Some but not all. For instance, So for those that think ALL SATA 300 drives are just plug and play backwards to SATA 150, do more research before you speak. Some combinations of older SATA 150 chipsets (eg, NF3 and VIA) and/or drives have issues in handshaking and detection. I have several Samsung and Maxtor SATA 300 drives that I had to jumper in order for certain SATA 150 motherboard chipsets to detect these drives properly. The Maxtor 7L300F0 and 6L250F0 drives have a set of jumpers next to the SATA plug that is undocumented and Maxtor unofficially denies that these are usable. However, if you jumper the left 2 most pins, that will force the drive into SATA 150 mode if you need it.
  5. patord

    4-port PCI hot swap SATA adapter?

    WOW. I thought I was the only one who saw the need for something like this. I can only hope we few can help each other out... I've seen considerable time and money researching and experimenting, only to still remain amazed at how the rest of the world simply does not care... I must consistently look for the off edge solutions only a few appear to want. 1. I was a VERY early adopter of using FireWire 400 and USB1 (now USB2) as removable "hot swappable" storage devices. But after getting burned by crappy bridge chips and Windows lack of stable firewire/usb interfaces resulting in junk like the infamous "delayed write cache" which TO THIS day still plagues many FW and USB storage users. I simply gave up on these things over a year ago after losing too much data. And yeah I've followed tons of site that monitor the delayed write problem. 2. I finally broken down and bought a few nVidia nforce4 boards since their version 6.xx IDE drivers support drives (SATA) that show up as removable. I thought this was the holy grail I was looking for. Wrong. Not only are there consistent debates about the quality and reliablity of their IDE drivers vs stock MS drives on the Win32 platforms, I just ran into some (long story) and now have to resort to using the stock MS drivers. SO that just killed using nVidia for this. 3. I bought a few Silicon Image PCI SATA controllers (3512 and 3114) with eSATA external plugs. Flashed their BIOS with the non-RAID BIOS. Installed the non-RAID drivers. Bam! I thought I'm almost home. Wrong. You can power on a box (eg, Windows 2003 server) once the drivers are installed. Later, turn on your external eSATA drive. SI will pick up the drive. But they never considered giving any kind of functionality to dismount the units. A workaround? I go to the drive properties of my external drive and mark it as DISABLED. It appears that's enough to possibly cause the caches to be flushed from both Win32 and the drives internal. I wait a min or so, then power off the external chasis. Its not pretty, but so far NO DATA CORRUPTION unlike the nightmares that have plagued my Firewire and USB days for the last 6 years. Believe me I have tried so many different FW and USB bridgeboards over the past 6 years, etc that I cannot believe people trust their data to that junk. How much money I've spent on that mess I do not even want to think about. Other possible solutions I may try: The Initio shows promise of hot swap since it is NOT based on Silicon Image chips... the problem for me is that it does not appear to use eSATA for the external connectors. For background, I've started to retrofit a bunch of my FireWire external chasis that have been sitting idle with eSATA bridges. Bought a bunch of eSATA stuff from places like Good luck to you!