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  1. Jake the Dog

    US sticking it's nose where it shouldn't - again.

    I thought you would have known by now Bill that I'm not against the disposition of Saddam. (for others that don't know me - I have discussed this many times previously with Bill elsewhere). I'm against the reasoning employed by the current US administration to do so. no less than three different primary motives were spewed from Whitehouse before war on Iraq ended. Had the US been able to clearly prove the terrorist links to Saddam then I wouldn't have an issue. Had WMD's been found, I would have been OK with it. yet neither of these reasons were valid and the fact that they were employed to motivate the people of the world to approve war is so totally wrong, it's criminal imho. many people, mostly those without a lifetime of US patriotic institution, can see just how wrong this is... the 'oil control argument' has been consistently argued for a long time now, certianly years current Iraq situation. given the state of things as they are now that argument has only been only substantiated if anything because A) the US is now in a position to have a pro-US Iraqi government placed and the US now has a form of control, in fact a substantial amount more control than before, of the world's second largest oil reserve.
  2. Jake the Dog

    US sticking it's nose where it shouldn't - again.

    Not anymore... Perhaps you heard, they caught him. so you believe he was a terrorist threat to the US? the US can just take control of any area it wants? lol! seriously though, when are you due back at the "home"? Yes, what rubbish. Perhaps you'd remember world war 2 and germany's trouble with reparations. The Iraqi poeple have paid dearly for the dictatorship of Saddam, and it would be heartlessly cruel to make them pay even more.
  3. Jake the Dog

    Who The Hell Is Akiba?

    it may or may not be racist, but it is unrealsitic. unless you're somewhere in Japan, it's unlikely you'll get any radio signal from Tokyo
  4. Jake the Dog

    US sticking it's nose where it shouldn't - again.

    please don't tell me you still believe Saddam was somehow a terrorist threat to the US. thank god past your leaders have had enough brains to realise that the US has no hope in hell in coping with a never-ending war against the entire middle-east region and the wrath of Islamics all over the world. then of course your presuming too that the rest of the world would just stand by and let the US take Saudi for it's oil. lol! what arrogant rubbish. you must be so proud to be able to wield so much destruction!
  5. Jake the Dog

    Ok, Bush Is Playing It Smart....

    why on earth should he be put up for trial anywhere else but Iraq? it's the Iraqi people that he must answer to...
  6. Jake the Dog

    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    and your reasoning is?
  7. Jake the Dog

    Serial ATA vs IDE RAID

    so you don't consider the Raptor a real SATA drive? what is it then?
  8. Jake the Dog

    How dodgy are you?

    Years in prison: 52 Potential fine: £9500
  9. Jake the Dog

    Quotes and other thoughts...

    17 - friends help people move. real friends help people move bodies.
  10. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    here here! well said
  11. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    oh the irony...
  12. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    i didn't know you were a cultural anthropologist jason. when did you become qualified to judge what is culture and what isn't? for the last i'm NOT saying what they did was right. i am not talking about the ethics or their actions. i am simply saying the forcible change of ones cultural beliefs is not right. if you want to make a change do it through education. that's three times i've said it, i hope that’s enough.
  13. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    you know full well i'm talking about culture at a society level so please don't counter with such a nonsense argument.
  14. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    correction. some humans are. i think we can all agree on that
  15. Jake the Dog

    Girl Ordered Gang-Raped in Pakistan

    jason, you obviously don't know how some people in this world can live with values and beliefs opposing yours. you obviously don’t know how that can think they are right as well in their opposing beliefs. well, i hate to break it to you but the world is not as black and white as you appear to think it is. you make too many assumptions based on your own beliefs. you should really learn about other worldly cultures before you decide what's wrong or right for them and not you. june, i brought up the issue of dogs not to make a comparison between gang-rape and dog for food but to prompt you to make comments justifying a part of your culture that westerners don’t agree with. you did exactly that. first you justify why some Koreans eat dogs. then you explain it's a historic cultural thing and again justify a difference between eaten dogs and pets. obviously you believe Koreans have the right to eat dogs. the point is you believe in the right. just because westerners disagree does that mean they have the right to force a change in your culture or do you think it would be to try reason a change?