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    SAS vs "Near line" SAS

    The database is used in a mixed environment of online transactions and reporting, and it's the reporting that's what really hits the server. I'm in the process of switching us over from a software(!) RAID5(!) running on very old (like 7 years old(!)) sun boxes, to a new Intel server running hardware RAID10. I'm not sure if the speed difference between 15K SAS and 7K Nearlines will even be noticed by the users since it's going to blow their heads off anyway...
  2. What's the difference between SAS drives and Near-line SAS drives? I've found a little information saying that the nearlines use SATA drives with a SAS interface board. Is that correct? What is the benefit/drawback of using nearline vs pure SAS? I've noticed that SAS seems to come in smaller capacities but with higher rotational speeds, while the nearline SAS is the opposite. Also the nearlines are cheaper. I'm looking at them for an oracle database server. The extra space of a nearline would be nice, but so would the speed of the real SAS.
  3. orev

    Burn testing a hard drive?

    Yeah, I'd like to at least stress it some before I set it up, to make sure it's not going to fail right away. Maybe it's not as big a deal with drives as it is with cpu/ram/video. I've been running sandra drive benchmarks over and over, so I guess that will work. As I mentioned, Maxtor's utility does not run on my system, so I was looking for something else. After I stress it, how can I tell if everything is OK?
  4. I recently bought a maxtor DM10 sata (along with a whole new system), and I'm looking for the best way to burn test the drive. I've looked in the faq and the burn tests there are for cpu, memory, etc, and I've used all of those. I also tried the maxtor powermax software, but my pc has an nforce4 and thus is not able to detect my drive. I've run some benchmarks, like iozone, just to put some stress on it. Does anyone have suggestions on other ways to stress test this drive?