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  1. I was referred to this board from a gent at another board where i had posted looking to buy two of these & from the looks of things this board i may have a chance Need quickly, going new if i cant get them soon, at least 2 Maxtor Atlas 73gb "J" series drives. thats 80 pin sca configuration aka "hot swap" these must be atlas III or newer models as i need lo pro 1 inch units for a compaq storageworks bay. Must not be compaq / hp drives @ 72.8gb as they will pull the rest of drives down in size. price im willing to pay depends on warranty left if any, shoot me a pm with model & serial number and your price also any refs you may have. eBay = Computerparts2005 email = BillGates at stny dot rr dot com heatware = `XSX` PC-Parts Thanks, board looks great
  2. You are so full of _HIT i may be new here, but im not new to eBay.. there is one posted on eBay right now & this board isnt eBay nor does it have anything to do with eBay.. stop crapping my thread, you dont have the goods & i don't like you already "grins" you think your a know it all & for the most part that annoys the rest of us on God's green earth who really do know it ALL "LMAO"
  3. i beg to differ with you, I watch & sell on ebay daily, not many if any to be had lately mostly 68pin.. most are system pulls with no maxtor warranty.. "Laughs" Ron Jeremy
  4. Is this 68 pin or 80? Also, what price range would you consider reasonable? 206414[/snapback] They are 80Pin and I just sold it for $360 206655[/snapback] Damn it i am a day late & a dollar short, want at least 4 of those & have room for 10 more