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  1. Use one WD4000KD for the OS+page file and the second to install games.
  2. Slacker

    Merry X-mas to all

    Happy New Year!
  3. Hi Eugene, just want to point out the Review Discussion link at the end of the article links to the Hitachi Travelstar discussion thread instead of this thread.
  4. Thanks for posting the registry trick, I was looking for a way to remove my internal drive too.
  5. Slacker

    Maxtor Atlast 15k 2 SCSI drives or the one from Intel. I don't know if Intel currently has support for Vista x64.
  6. Slacker

    Pls recommend a quiet scsi HD

    The Fujitsu MAX series idles quietly. I have mine on rubber isolators with a fan blowing across the bottom. No whine or vibration. Seek noise is a different story - it makes a very sharp and loud chatter (as opposed to a loud rumble of the old 5400rpm drives). You can tell it’s working even from 10ft away.
  7. Slacker

    Need help from knowligable hard drive guys

    Alexander, The MAU design is around two years old. 8MB cache was standard at the time. BTW, there's a new SAS version that has 16MB cache if you're interested.
  8. Slacker

    Ultra 320 SCSI Throughput Problems

    Well this thread is about 6 months old so most likely you've already moved on to different projects.. But since these VIA chipset problem are so timeless, I wanted to chime in about a similar problem I had with IRQ sharing and latency issues. Go to Device manager and make sure the SCSI card is not sharing an IRQ with any other device. Then try changing the PCI latency timer to 64 or 96 cycles. This solved my sound popping/stuttering problem and also allowed higher sustained throughput on the PCI bus when many devices were active simultaneously.
  9. I used the Addonics SATA -> IDE adaptor to solve a compatibility problem with a computer that randomly locked up whenever I tried to install a SATA controller card. The adaptor works well, STR, CPU usage and random seeks (measured with HD Tach) are identical to the bare drive. As a side note, this might not apply to you unless you're planning to run the raptor on an Abit KV7, but the adaptor alone didn't solve my immediately. On this board, in addition to using the SATA bridge, I still had to disable APIC support in order to get the system stable.
  10. I don't think many manufactures make these specialized adapters. You can try to search for 'sata to ide forensics'. My original search brought me to the Addonics board and might lead you to other sata -> ide bridges.
  12. Slacker

    What to do with 3 Raptors?

    My computer is OC'd and it is configured similar to Kenai's computer. I haven't had any problems related to overclocking. The NF7v2 has a locked PCI bus speed so I don't think his Raptors have to run outside of their specs. As for the question, to RAID0 or not to RAID0, try both of them and find out. Some hardware review sites (e.g. Storage review and Anand tech) have concluded that RAID0 isn't worth the reduced MTBF which arises from splitting data across two HD's, but I doubt you'll be satisfied until you test out both configurations for yourself. BTW, are you planning to add another SATA controller card? How are you going to hook up 3 raptors to 2 SATA ports?
  13. Slacker

    RAID5 Question

    Yes Trinary got it right, I'm trying to initialize a raid 5 array with only two drives connected.. but maybe there's a better way to upgrade my server than to init a hacked up raid 5 array. So right now I have two drives, 100GB and 250GB, LVM'd together under Linux. I've moved enough stuff over to my main rig so that I can remove the 100GB drive. This is where I'm stuck, I want to remove the 100GB, add 2 more 250GB drives and upgrade to a raid 5 array without losing all the data on current 250GB drive. Any idea how this can be done?
  14. Slacker

    RAID5 Question

    I've been trying to do this exact thing on a Linux software-based Raid 5 rig, how does this actually work? I tried setting up the raidtab file with three devices listed (hda1, hdb1 and hdc1), but it gives me an error because I only have two drives physically connected to the computer when I try to mkraid. How do you set up the config files and which tools do you use to actually build the array? Thanks.
  15. Slacker

    Using Raptors on PATA.

    I'm new here so some pls tell me if I'm missing something.. I tried editing my previous post but it said that I didn't have permission?? Anyway I wanted to add that TCQ doesn't seem to work when using this bridge. Defraging seems to take longer (and is not as rapid) when compared my computer which also has a raptor.