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  1. I havn't looked on SR for quite some time as the review articles dried up quite a while ago and the leader board hasn't been updated in years. SR was always my favorite site for storage info. Then the hardware review sites started doing HDD reviews and it seems SR's just kind of faded away. I always thought they did the best reviews and had the most logical conclusions. They also had THE BEST database of scores out there. It's a sad thing to see a great site like SR go through such hard times.
  2. teldar

    X25-M back in stock at $229

    I think the new ones are the 34nm, no?
  3. teldar


    I saw just today that Newegg was selling the 4320 for $329 in March. I recently decided I'm probably going to end up with a highpoint card when I get out of school and start building computers again. (when I can afford it, that is) What's anyone's view on highpoint? This will be a storage array, not a system array, so I don't care about booting off it or any of the difficult/tricky nonsense that goes along with raid arrays. Does anyone have a total idea as to why I should stay away from HighPoint for a simple storage array?
  4. teldar

    Will WD survive?

    We can't make conclusions on base "over the years". In today's HDD production strategies we must take into account [1] the brand + [2] the model series + [3] the model revision + [4] the manufacturing date (in 2 months segments) and then make comparisons. But in real life yes, unfortunately, just the brand name sells, the brand's earlier reputation sells, although the things may have changed overnight. No doubt about that. Remember Quantum? At one point IBM's were all the rage. Then came the Deathstar series. It's a continuously changing landscape where HDD manufacturers are concerned.
  5. i have 5 drives hooked up. one sata, then 4 on ide. so i moved the files to seed over to my OS drive, and the computer seeded perfectly, it has been on since the morning of 6/12 with no issues. and i have randomly played 300 mb videos off the drive as well, so data is intact. after i determine which drive it is and move the files off... if i use ontrack easy recovery professional and western digitals diagnostic check and it passes with flying colors, does that mean everything is alright? there is another program called spinrite 6.0 but i haven't used it yet. also i got 3 bsods within the last 3 weeks. which is odd, never had that problem before for a year since last OS reinstall. i googled the bsods but didn't get anything specific, i am guessing its the hard drive though... two of the bsods i wrote down 0x00000077 0xc0000185 0xc0000185 0x00000000 0x02046000 and 2nd one i wrote down was the same except last line is 0x034f0000 Sounds suspiciously like some of the problems I am having.... All I can say is this, make sure you back up everything off that hard drive and start looking for a replacement.... I have activesmart and it doesn't seem to know a whole lot about my drives. It says everything is fine except for my wd2500ks which it says is too hot. (it's my coolest drive) I crashed last night trying to access one of my drives which I have thought has been questionable for a long time... Unfortunately it's one of my larger drives. So I'm starting to look for a new drive... probably something like a WD3200ks or something... Teldar
  6. teldar

    What's the fastest processor available?

    This is a really loaded question right now. It would depend on what you are doing with it. It's not a loaded question. He's looking for FLOPS. That's based on cpu architecture. Nothing loaded about it. There should be a single answer. I just don't know it. Teldar
  7. teldar

    Best Quiet Small Fast IDE Hard drive

    Did you notice the dates on the posts? I would think they are a little bit pointless at this time. That and if someone installed a hard drive and immediately had to defrag it, I would guess there was a problem with the install or it was a copied drive. It was one person I saw in the list with any problems.... And was using an old version of the drive at this point Teldar
  8. teldar

    Hard Drive Help

    No raid 5? Any particular reason? Or just because you have to run it with 3 drives?
  9. teldar

    Benchmarking a HDD

    I believe that for full disk STR tests, the disk MUST be empy. Formatted but clean.
  10. teldar

    Best Quiet Small Fast IDE Hard drive

    yeah i dont want to shell out for a raptor, i already have a 40gb western digital, i think its 2 or 4mb cache and its HORRIBLY loud. The total capacity is not actually that important... its more the dollar maximum. I want to spend around $60, so if its 40gb or 80 I don't care. I just want it to be quiet with decent performance. I have also looked at some SATA hard drives like the samsung spinpoint 80gb, thats supposedly pretty quiet. However, I have heard from some audio people that running an IDE drive as C felt snappier just opening programs and browsing files than SATA, and reccomended doing SATA for the big audio files and IDE for C. Nice thing about IDE as your system drive is installation if you don't have a floppy drive.... Don't need the driver disk.... I don't know about IDE being better than SATA for anything as all the reviews point to them being basically exactly the same.... I would have to agree with 888's recommendation of using the wd400jb. WD is getting to have THE name in hard drives for quiet, high performance, particularly with older drive equipment. I've read elsewhere WD isn't a high tech drive company like Seagate, but they do a phenomenal job with optimizing the hardware they have available... Teldar
  11. teldar

    Possible Fail(ed/ing) Hard Drive

    You'd have to remove both drives, I think, one at a time to decide which might be bad, I think.
  12. Sounds like a good format for a basic drive. I like the low height for air flow reasons.... Could still get some kind of heat sink on them and keep them in a normal height slot, maybe.
  13. teldar

    Anyone running a WD WD3200KS, thoughts?

    Sounds like a good summation to me. I personally bought the 2500ks a couple months ago and it's silent and very very nearly room temp. It's the coolest and quietest of my 4 drives. I'd recommend anything in the ks series of drives, I think. The alternatives do sound intriguing, but I too would rather go for tested and proved rather than new and impressive where my data integrity is at stake.
  14. teldar

    Raptor 300GB

    I think I remember reading somewhere recently that WD doesn't have any plans for a 300gb Raptor at this point. I don't know if the idea is that 300gb is getting too far away from what the Raptor was meant to be in the first place, i.e. not a mass storage drive but a high end drive for high end applications. Teldar
  15. teldar

    low cost raid for home use

    What is overkill? Not understand.... I've been thinking the same kind of thing myself, but my raid setup would be in my main computer, based in a Lian-Li PC 70 tower. I've got all the drive space I could possibly need and hardware raid appeals to me... I just don't have the pci-x slot or I would go for the 3ware 9550sx 4 port card. There were a number of interesting posts on another thread I was reading yesterday regarding raid controllers. As for drive size, the 300 GB drives are getting to be $100 each at this point, or even a little better, so that would be cool as hell. I think the best gb/$ with security is raid 5, but I also think raid 6 would be an interesting way to go... You would just want to get an 8 drive controller in that case. As for what I would go with personally, for a setup like that, would probably be a group of the RE2 drives from WD. They look like THE stuff. Teldar