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    bad sectors

    On my 640 and 1.5tb seagates, i have reallocated bad sectors but the drives work fine and I will get them fixed later Recently one of the 1tb WD 1Tb Green drives started playing up so I used HDTune to scan, and it found at least 2 bad sectors but the Reallocated Sector Count was zero Any ideas?
  2. bazza

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    My 150G velociraptor isnt noticeably faster than my 1.5tb seagate (the one with the FW issues) in a desktop environment But I spent good money on it, so I'm gonna keep using it but never recommending it I guess the OP is in a similar situation, but with a SSD instead if a 10,000rpm drive Read speeds are a thing of the past as most drives sequential reads top 100Meg/s easily. Whats more satisfying is getting those speeds across a gigabit LAN
  3. bazza

    Hitachi 7K1000.C is out

    default is enabled so I disabled it but the results were the same, maybe needs a reboot
  4. I used the front USB port and worked perfectly updating my BIOS. Some front USB ports have cheap cables and are too long so the +5v can drop causing problems for some 2.5" Hard Drives. However most usb flash drives can tolerate this drop
  5. bazza

    Hitachi 7K1000.C is out

    hope these links work
  6. bazza

    Hitachi 7K1000.C is out

    hey cyber, your pic is a 1tb, but your benchmark is 500g? anyway, how do you get the cpu usage so low !!! mines at 8%
  7. bazza

    Hitachi 7K1000.C is out

    I would post a few screenshots of hdtune on these drives but they need internet links 1TB 57-135MB/s, 14.3ms HDS721010CLA 500G 71-140MB/s, 19.7ms HDS721050CLA 320G 43-118MB/s, 19.1ms HDS72101032CLA the 500G is zooming but the access time....
  8. yes the faster 7.2k drives will do 60-130Meg/s STR xp/vista over gigabit ethernet can do >100Meg/s if configured correctly most cheap NAS's with gigabit ports will find it hard to even get 40Meg/s, similar to USB speeds
  9. copying 'from' a shared drive on both sides is fast eg A copying 'from' B, or B copying 'from' A is fast you can try it if you have 2 pcs on same LAN but copying files 'to' a shared drive you will notice a big drop in speed PC A WinXP SP1 Opteron 146 2G ram 1.5Tb HD PC B Vista Sp1 E8400 4G ram 640G HD
  10. on a windows network, why is pulling files off a shared drive always much faster than writing to one eg i get files from a shared drive at 60-100Megs/s while writing to that same shared drive for maybe 15-20Meg/s even counting for position on HD and overhead, its still several factors slower
  11. on my a8nsli, same HD same f/w I'm getting 125M/s max sustainedon HDTune, and 18x Meg/s burst
  12. try
  13. not accurate probably coz of the small size, but the results if anyone is interested; C:\Documents and Settings\barry>"C:\Documents and Settings\barry\Desktop\h2bench w\h2benchw.exe" -english -a -! 0 H2bench -- by Harald Beholz & Lars Bremer / c't Magazin f Computertechnik Version 3.12/Win32, Copyright © 2005 Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Dutch translation by F&L Technical Publications B.V. !!! WARNING: results will not be saved! ATA disk: MTRON MSD-SATA3035 serial #: 2007440000006 firmware: 0.16AR1 Supported UDMA modes: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 UDMA mode 6 active. acoustic management not supported. Capacity: 62492850 sectors=30514 MByte, CHS=(3890/255/63) Checking timer for 10 seconds (Win32) ............. Ok. timer resolution: 0.279 µs, 3.580 MHz timer statistics: 3041027 calls, min 1.40 µs, average 1.60 µs, max 94.70 µs Reading some sectors to warm up... done. interface speed test with block size 128 sectors (64.0 KByte): sequential read rate medium (w/out delay): 97.0 MByte/s sequential transfer rate w/ read-ahead (delay: 0.71 ms): 97.0 MByte/s Repetitive sequential read ("core test"): 98.6 MByte/s 5 seconds breather........Ok. sequential write rate medium (w/out delay): 81.5 MByte/s sequential transfer rate write cache (delay: 0.84 ms): 86.5 MByte/s Repetitive sequential write: 76.9 MByte/s data integrity check (first 20480 sectors fully checked) writing test patterns ...done. short breather ... OK. reading some sectors to flush cache ... OK. reading test patterns ...done. Zone measurement read: calibrating... 97.0 MByte/s at 50% of total capacity. reading 998 sample points (489 blocks of 128 sectors = 30.56 MByte) estimated runtime: 5 minutes...done. sustained data rate read: average 99691.6, min 99417.5, max 99733.8 [KByte/s] Zone measurement write: calibrating... 82.0 MByte/s at 50% of total capacity. 5 seconds breather........Ok. estimated runtime: 6 minutes...done. sustained data rate write: average 83058.8, min 81917.6, max 87687.9 [KByte/s] Measuring random access time (whole disk): reading... 0.09 ms (min. 0.07 ms, max. 1.48 ms) writing... 9.27 ms (min. 0.05 ms, max. 39.33 ms) random access time in lower 504 MByte reading... 0.32 ms (min. 0.07 ms, max. 5.11 ms) writing... 7.19 ms (min. 0.04 ms, max. 37.73 ms) Running application profile `swapping' ...56748.8 KByte/s Running application profile `installing' ...72675.3 KByte/s Running application profile `Word' ...61586.2 KByte/s Running application profile `Photoshop' ...70817.7 KByte/s Running application profile `copying' ...107011.2 KByte/s Running application profile `F-Prot' ...67304.7 KByte/s Result: application index = 69.5 !!! WARNING: application profiles inaccurate due to small total capacity
  14. so if you guys can give me some free downloadable benchmarks with settings i can post the results here i tried iometer but it got a bad result (100) probably due to its small capacity? also tried hwbench.. so many settings.... well i have it for a few more days
  15. bazza

    SATA & IDE PATA Together

    my 4 seagate 320G havent failed on me yet .....