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  1. I implemented Policy editor in W2K from the gpedit.msc command and selected templates>>system>>Windows components logged in as Admin. I have now locked myself out under admin and user acct (DUH!!) as only apps that will open are My Comp or recycle bin... I assumed that I had to make the changes on a workstation logged as admin, obviously logged in as user acct..could be simply overwritten later. How can I override this situation without Formatting the clients workstation PC?? Any suggestions would be appreciated...
  2. Thanx for the very GOOD valid replies everyone!! I think we are though moving into a different tangent of my original query... I am an IT consultant that has been servicing this auto dealer for several years...most recently they elected to go to a Linux based server running a firewall and VPN using dual HS ISP's...outlay from the owner was somewhat $40K CDN to get the necessary setupcomponents.. I updated all workstations to W2K as per Car Mfgr requirements and setup VPN. Internet access is presently controlled by the local admin and must be requested and approved beyond the normal sites that are necessary..( ie NO MSN Messenger, gaming sites..etc ) As an owner, I would after spending the $$$ for this network want my employees to be productive and use the access to internet or computer to "streamline" or be more efficiently at productive tasks that they are afterall being paid to do... Let's not forget that no one would pay someone to fix their PC if they did nothing in return !! I, myself don't care for any Windows games..but some do... however everyone of his present employees also have home PC's that they can play freecell on until the sunsets.. My job is to satisfy the clients needs... Policy editor is apparently the remedy...could someone please advise on process and config as I had requested initially. I understand all of the controversy surrounding this issue, but I think we are heading away from my request...
  3. I agree...however employees have all signed waivers for software piracy and policies including games... Employer informs me that it is hard to replace employees and train accordingly if drastic measures are taken...I replied.."Perhaps you need to set an example with one of the employees when they persist to defy company policy.. I can restrict attachments on the VPN without question, however they do request wordexcel docs at times.... Any other suggestions??
  4. Have a client whom is running a VPN server and is continually having freecellsolitaire etc re-loaded by employees on the network machines. I have logged in as Admin and deleted, renamedhidden attributed all games yet they are being put back on either through users sending freecell as attachment from home or through disk. Users are all on restricted access for workstations at present. I was told that W2K Policy editor should do the trick, however I am not familiar with setup or config to correct this issue...Could someone advise or suggest other methods of disabling or permanently removing ALL games within 2K_pro ??
  5. Here's what I've tested on client machines recently as an IT ... all machines were P4 or AMD 2.0 G> We can all read endless tests on they perform depends on sys config and application(s) MAXTOR DM9 60G = Average access time. relatively quiet >7/10 WD 400JB = Slow access, very quiet and cool running >7.5/10 IBM 120GXP 40G = Fastest access, cool and quiet.. have used in server app for over 8 mths with no RMA's >8.5/10 I find newer generation HD's having slower access and better transfer rates.. this is fine if you are editing video but not for average desktop use... even SATA will not be much improvement as specs show same access times as PATA. For an overall good reliable performer I would recommend a Maxtor D740X IMOA
  6. Agreed and good points... HDTach is a better utility..or is there better?? The JB is a nice quiet cool running drive as is the IBM also.. really it depends on type of use and personal preferences... (Red vs Green apples) Transfer is decent on the WD also... just wondering if the HPT bios needs an update on the KX7R board....hmmm will have check and see Thanx for the response.. Food for thought...
  7. After hearing all the hoopla about WD-JB's..I thought I would finally try this new baby with 8M....swapped it out with my IBM and thus far I see less improvement (30225) than my IBM (34525) in Sandra 03. Using a KX7R mobo single on Raid ide...updated HPT372_234 drivers....using WXP_Pro >>NTFS Any one have any thoughts on this or similar results..??? Regardless of what every Deathstar basher says... I've had 1 60GXP die..out of at least 45--60-120GXP's used... still think they are the fastest HDD around.... but maybe that will change with some tweaking on this WD40G or the avail of the 180GXP....