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  1. P5-133XL

    SMART disabled for non-Admins

    If you need the admin account for a specific application try making a shortcut and then modify itsproperties to run as a different user -- The admin.
  2. Hello, This is the first time in a very long time I've even logged on to look at SR and by golly I see a thread about me . I'm sure that my post count is low. My membership number is even lower than what shows because, after the crash, Eugene gave out membership numbers to prominent accounts, but I never received the Email giving me the password: So, I had to create a second account. Yes, after the crash alot of us old-timers went off an created a new forum. But it was not simply because of the crash, but rather after the crash Eugene announanced that they were gonna close up shop. The new forum was a way for us strorage fanatics to keep in contact with each other. Eugene, changed his mind and kept in business, at a rather lower level of involvement, but that did not change the fact that us old-timers rather liked our new forums with its lower S/N ratio. The forums still exist and anyone is welcome to visit and partisipate. Note, that we have a rather low tolerance for poor forum ettique: Keep it clean; without poor language; and absolutely no spamming; ... Have fun Mark Turner
  3. P5-133XL

    S.M.A.R.T. failure prediction

    Assume a failure indication is accurate. The manufacturer is the one that created the algoithum for S.M.A.R.T. failure. Failure is an automatic warrentee replacement if it occurs during the warrentee time period. For the manufacturer, that creates a strong dis-incentive for false positives.
  4. Fair enough. I will concede that using context to assist data recovery is a capability that Spinrite can not do.
  5. Have your tried using Spinrite -- It seems to me that it does a lot of the stuff you are doing to recover data off the drive. There really isn't a need to reinvent the wheel.
  6. P5-133XL

    Windows made imaginary drives....

    Start out with Drive Manager Right click My computer->Manage->Disk Management
  7. P5-133XL

    IBM 75GXP Class Action Settlement

    Quoted from their FAQ: "(2) all Class Members who purchased a Qualifying Deskstar 75GXP and have not experienced disk drive failure are eligible to receive their choice of either 25 blank CD-ROMs (with jewel cases) or a 15% Discount Certificate for a future purchase at IBM.com."
  8. P5-133XL

    IBM 75GXP Class Action Settlement

    That's my problem since all six of my 45GB 75GXP are still in operation and working fine. Unlike others, I've been hard pressed to find fault in these drives.
  9. If you are dealing with a stiction problem (and that is a big if) then I have found that spinning the drive (flat side down) on a smooth surface and then quickly stopping the drive will losen the heads from the platters. This simply uses the platters inertia to break everything free. You can apply more torque this way than the motors can. Freezing the drive first may help make the lubricant more brittle and thereby easier to break. Be careful and don't let the drive accidentily drop to the floor... That being said, I have not noticed a stiction problem on modern drives: It's been at least 8 years since my last stiction problem. Further, if the heads are moving or the platters are moving, then by definition, you don't have a stiction problem: Stiction occurs when the heads are physically glued to the platters by the drives lubricant. I think it is more likely that you've been storing the drives where static electricity has caused circuit board failure or sometime over the past year, they've been moved/jostled around and failed because of shock damage.
  10. P5-133XL

    Seven SCSI devices on one channel

    When doing termination with both an external and internal chain make sure that the controllers termination is off. Termination should occur only at the ends of the cable and that means the last external device and the last internal device on the cables. All other termination needs to be off!
  11. P5-133XL

    2005FPW and 2405FPW

    Click "Monitor Learn More" to see the Dell tested, approved list.
  12. P5-133XL

    Mirroring in Windows 2000 Server

    M$ only does mirroring at the partition level!
  13. P5-133XL

    Quad Boards?

    If you are interested in quad PIII machines then go to Ebay and search for Quad servers: They go for a pittance.
  14. I'd be running the drive diagnostics from Maxtor. If your drive has problems then you want to replace it before a total melt down. Windows forces PIO mode whn it detects a signifigent number of errors from a drive. You were saying it was making an unusual clicking sound. To me that sounds like the drive has a problem worth investigating. You really want to determine the long-term validity of the drive. Just because it is working now does not mean it won't stop tomorrow. Isn't your data worth saving?
  15. P5-133XL

    keeping computer cool

    In general, you want case covers closed with no intake fans. Air will naturally flows the easiest way possible and intake fans simply short-circuit the cooling of the hard drives. Cases are generally designed to intake air where the HD's are so that they get air-flow around them and get properly cooled. If you have an intake fan then air will come from it and there will be little to no air flow around your HD's The same occurs if you have the sides of the cases open.