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  1. Read what exactly is written on WD website. This is not "temperature of the disks".
  2. About NCQ. According to your IOMeter results (http://www.storagereview.com/articles/200601/250_iometer.png) and results from other sites, SIL controller dont make command reordering. When queue depth increase from 1 to 32 there is no any increase in perfomance for non NCQ HDDs. So non NCQ HDDs results are incorrect in IOMeter and partly for others tests. According to this (http://www.behardware.com/art/imprimer/624/), most NCQ HDDs reorder command not better than controller. In other words, they have "fake" NCQ.
  3. This is ABSOLUTLY not true. Look on this http://www.overclockers.ru/news/newsitem.s...4&id=1074586553
  4. http://www.overclockers.ru/news/newsitem.s...4&id=1074586553 http://www.maximumcompression.com
  5. I get several personal traces with evalution version of IPEAK SPT 3.0. When I analyse my trace of Winbench99 in AnalysTrace I see that average queue length is more than 2. In MiscStat there are unreal values: Data Read 10000 Mb Data Written 16000 Mb In RawTraceFile there are many record with lengh 4095 sector. I have Win2000RUS Sp4, WD400JB attached to nForce2 IDE. What is wrong?