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  1. jaimemf

    Is my Maxtor HD slowly dying?

    Hi Juan, It seems like your Maxtor is failing. I think those sounds you report are not "normal". Some months ago i bought the same model of drive and althoug i sold it to a friend, it never made (and doesn´t make) that kind of sounds. Where did you buy that drive?. I recommend you to RMA it, but make a back up first IMMEDIATELY. Good luck. Jaime.
  2. RealtorJ, I really advice you to buy a drive with FDB. I´ve been using four Cudas IV for more than a year now (24/7) and all of them run OK. And all of them are silent like a dead Note that Ball Bearings are more fragile than FDB and they go noisier with time. Also they are the main factor of vibrations on a modern HDD. I really consider ball bearings a good old technology that has been outdated by FDB. My vote goes for FDB PS.: Please, excuse my English
  3. jaimemf

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    Maverick wrote: For our better information... Do you remember where were your drives manufactured?. Thank you.[/b]