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    What enclosure to get?

    i recently got a WD5000YS SATA2 HDD and i am looking for a good enclosure that really works. i got this one http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00095OAQ...6789551?ie=UTF8 but it is giving me real hard times, can u help me picking a new one plz? Thanks
  2. jimgeagea

    What to choose?

    all right let's forget about the VGA for the current moment, i am having slow boot windows with my DFI, i have 2 SATA2, 1 SATA, 1 IDE connected, when i remove the all devices and keep 1 SATA2, the black windows screen takes less than 1 sec, but when i plug the others, it takes around 30sec to enter windows. how would i fix that?
  3. jimgeagea

    What to choose?

    i have an amazing system: mb: DFI LAN PARTY ULTRA-D cpu:AMD X2 4800 cooler: Gigabyte 3d rocket cooler pro GH-PCU22-VG ram: OCZ PLATINUM 2*1GB vga: XFX 7800GTX OC case: Thermaltake Xaser III ps: thermaltake purepower 560W hdd: 2*Hitachi T7K250 250gb SATA2 dvd writer: Plextor 716SA SATA NEC DVD COMBO IDE sound card : Creative X_FI FATAL1TY Speakers: Creative GigaWorks S750 i couldnt fix the slow boot windows with the DFI, when i plug in more than 1 Sata driver. so i am planning to switch my mb and my vga to a better mb and to the x1800XT. What board do u recommend?
  4. jimgeagea

    DFI ULTRA-D Boot Problems

    the HDD is split into 2 parts: C:80GB and D: 160GB i am still have the same long boot screen... this is not the problem! as for how i placed the SATA: SATA 1:HDD SATA 2: HDD SATA 3: DVD Burner i emailed DFI, he told me that i have to format all the drivers before installing windows! is it true? what i did was created 2 partition on the first HDD, formatted the 1st partition, and installed windows on it.. after installing windows, i formatted the second partition, and then divided the second HDD into 2 partitions and formatted them under windows.... what do u think? i uninstalled all the nfore drivers, and i still have the same long time booting, as for the bios i have the latest bios version.
  5. Hi, i just finished installing my new system: DFI lan party Ultra-D AMD X2 4800 XFX 7800GTX OC OCZ PLATINUM 2*1GB Creative X_FI FATAL1TY 2*Hitachi T7K250 250gb SATA2 Plextor PX-716SA SATA DVD WRITER NEC DVD COMBO IDE i installed windows XP 32bit, when i keep one SATA HDD, i am having a fast windows load boot screen(the black screen with blue points moving), but when i plug in any other SATA device i am having a real slow boot, the blue bar is repeating around 8-9 times VS 0.25 times when one SATA driver is connected. What is the problem? And how can i fix it? Thank you
  6. jimgeagea

    TV tuner (PCI_X) selection

    i care about audio in parallel with video, some tuners have latencies, and i also care about noise reduction... will the Hauppage's wintv-pvr-usb2 help?
  7. jimgeagea

    TV tuner (PCI_X) selection

    me too, and this is so weird.
  8. jimgeagea

    TV tuner (PCI_X) selection

    yes i am sorry, it is PCI Express i want to be able to use my 7800GTX also, and use the tuner as it was a normal PCI card, i have DFI lan party Ultra-D as i mentioned above.. i found this card: http://store.yahoo.com/saveateaglestore/vp...50PRO&ovtac=CMP what do u think of it? and why do u think they said: one available PCI-EXPRESS and one available PCI slot?
  9. hi, 5 month ago i bought a Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro PCU-22VG and now that i bought an x2 along with DFI lan party Ultra_D i want to install it.. i read the manual but it is still not enough for me to know how to install it... can anyone please give me a tutorial, or find me a review installing this cooler on amd K8?? thank you in advance
  10. hi, i want to buy a TV tuner, but i want to have it as a PCI Xpress interface because i dont have any more place in the PCI socket... are there any available TV tuner with such interface?
  11. jimgeagea

    what hdd to get?

    what hdd's to get? u all recommend the same thing stefanpi already said?
  12. jimgeagea

    what hdd to get?

    logically u r right, the best thing for me is to get 3*T7K250 or 3*DM10, so my choice is between those 2... plus i dont know what is raid , can you give me a small explanation please? is it better to raid the 3*hdd's?
  13. jimgeagea

    what hdd to get?

    thank you for your recommendation, but i opened this thread because i didnt have annswers in the last thread.. and for all the readers, please stick to the subject: what hdd do u recommend? thank you
  14. jimgeagea

    what hdd to get?

    hi, i want to get some sata hdd's for my new pc, i have DFI lan party Ultra-D, i dont know what to get.... is it better to get 1*7k500 or 2*T7K250??? and what about getting a raptor also? if i get a raptor and put OS and games on it, will it affect the performance during playing games? or i will not feel any difference? plus, is it true that the raptors are kinda noisy? what do u recommend?
  15. i finally picked up the OCZ brand... and i got 2 models: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 and http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_n..._T1&USER_ID=www apparently the first is Platinum and the second is Titanium... which is better than the other?