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  1. synthexp

    3ware SATA Raid "Escalade 9500S-8MI"

    There are a few controllers supported under FreeBSD: i) The older Intel SRCS14L SATA RAID controller using driver iir. ii) Adapter 2410SA and its derivative, including Dell CERC SATA 2. These models utilize the aac driver. Available in -CURRENT and the upcoming 5.3-RELEASE. iii) 3Ware such as the one you're using is supported but as you mentioned no one you know has tested the card. Software RAID management for these devices in FreeBSD is non-existent. LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA 150-2/6 is supported as well but you have to use atacontrol to create/destroy RAID volumes. Ditto Intel ICH5R and other firmware-based chipset. atacontrol takes advantage of the controller's firmware to create RAID volumes. Performance is generally in the range expected from a software RAID implementation.
  2. synthexp

    Change wrong password delay in Linux

    MaxAuthTries is available only on latest OpenSSH snapshot. If you're using OpenBSD, it's on -Current tree. Instead of using DenyUsers to disallow root login, there's a specific PermitRootLogin directive that you can use. By default, root is allowed to login. Just change the aforementioned argument to no and it should be good.
  3. synthexp

    Freebsd Hardware Raid Question for Experts

    there is a way to do it without reinstalling the system. remember to backup your data just in case you make a mess out of it. before you begin, i assume that your current drive is different than the RAID pair disk and you're using 3ware's escalade raid controller, driver twe. 1) configure the raid set in 3ware's utility. boot into freebsd, make sure twed0 is detected. 2) partition your disk and install a boot manager. use sysinstall if you find fdisk cumbersome. 3) label the created slice. use bsdlabel. 4) newfs the newly created filesystems. 5) use dump/restore to copy the contents of current disk to the array. # mount /dev/twed0s1a /mnt # cd /mnt # /sbin/dump -0af - / | /sbin/restore -rf - (repeat for every filesystems, replace mount point as necessary) 6) remove old disk, boot with the newly configured raid volume.
  4. synthexp

    Should Avatar Images Be Enabled?

    yes. it's inside control panel->board settings.
  5. synthexp

    No Display On Syncmaster 197t On Dvi

    many thanks to all. no post no nothing even different sources were connected to the monitor. tried connecting the analog cable to the graphic card's dvi interface via a D-sub-to-DVI cable but didn't seem to do any good. Ars forum seems to be down at the moment. thanks for the glimpse of a tryout.
  6. synthexp

    No Display On Syncmaster 197t On Dvi

    i tested with another PC. Regardless whether it is connected to the same or different computers, I can't get any display on the DVI out.
  7. synthexp

    No Display On Syncmaster 197t On Dvi

    Found another possible cause for concern. A cursory glance at a boxed US model, 191T+ model revealed that the monitor comes prepackaged with a 24-pin (dual-link) cable. Did I just bought the wrong type of cable? I'm not well-versed in the computer video technology. No analog was attached when I'm putting the dvi interface to use. tried connecting before/after a reboot but still no go. Similarly, without the dvi attached, the analog would come out well. The monitor is capable of using two sources at one time via a toggle button. If I attached both interfaces, the digital signal would go blank where else the analog would work just fine. as for the cable, the sales person said the cable I bought is certified samsung dvi cable (for 192T (canada/asia)) but since mine is a Korean model, he can't vouch for that. The 197T shares the same spec/drivers with 191T/191T+/193T.
  8. Hello all, I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 197T (191T+ in the US). It doesn't come with cable so I went out and bought a single-link DVI (DVI-D) cable since the monitor accepts only DVI-D connector. I'm using a geforce fx 5700 ultra with a DVI-I connector. I understand that DVI-I are with both digital and analog interface and supposedly it is compatible with either one. The problem is that I can't get any display on the DVI output where else, using a 15-pin analog interface, it just works. Couldn't find anything of relevant material on Google. Is there any restriction on using a DVI-D cable on a DVI-I interface? Thank you.
  9. synthexp

    Best 1u 478 Fan/cooler?

    I recommend CoolJag JAC44AC. 7800 rpm and very noisy but it shouldn't matter anyway. Blows towards the rear of the enclosure instead of upwards so the heat gets out early. New models have come out but the fundamental design remains as it was.
  10. synthexp

    Data Corruption On Sata Controller

    so did i until i read these.
  11. synthexp

    Data Corruption On Sata Controller

    Olaf, Beats me. I had one myself last week, lost quarter of my work. I thought that it's the outdated VIA SATA RAID driver I was using, after getting the new version, the problem persisted. References at Expert-Exchange, amdmb and viaarena and SF pointed to Windows XP. Installed the fix and no longer having it.
  12. synthexp

    Data Corruption On Sata Controller
  13. synthexp

    Data Corruption On Sata Controller

    It's a well documented problem with large drives. Microsoft have issued a fix, available here.
  14. synthexp

    Freebsd, G++ And Mysql Headers And Libraries

    Well you could try having your application use GNU gmake instead of BSD make.
  15. synthexp

    Freebsd, G++ And Mysql Headers And Libraries

    you can tailor to something to this measure using the application's Makefile. MYSQL_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include/mysql .if !defined (ON_FREEBSD5) MYSQL_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include .endif ON_FREEBSD5 is of course can be specified as an environment option or gmake argument ie: make -DON_FREEBSD5=yes install clean