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  1. apatrol

    SANS Info Sites

    Hello All, Thanks for the info. We are looking to add an immediate half terabyte to the network in the linux Enviroment. We are also going to be moving away from workstation backups and centrally locating files for backup. Our projected first year windows storage needs are 200GB. Our plan is one of two options. 1. Buy two RAID 5 shelves with 14 drive bays (pupoluted differently for each OS) for around 17,000 dollars. We will configure the shelves to allow full growth of drives 8-14 for future data needs. The shelves will be battery backed and have reduntant power/fans. 2. Option 2 is an HP MAS1000 14 bay SAN enclosure, 8 port SAN Switch, 14X73GB Drives, two controller cards (one for each OS), and cabling for around 24,000. The system will support an additional two HD shelves for about 3500 a piece plus HD for a very large data store capabilities. Obvioously option 1 is cheaper, easy to upgrade (data storage wise) and easier to manage however there are some benefits to option two. My problem is i have never played with SANS before and while I have read some of the technical white papers on the technology I am looking for a more top level view of the pros and cons of the current revision of SAN HW protocols. We may decide at this point to buy the two RAID shelves and keep an eye toward SAN/iScSI for future rollout (read...whaen the price drops)
  2. apatrol

    SANS Info Sites

    Apple never would have entered my mind!!! Come on guys I really need help!
  3. apatrol

    SANS Info Sites

    Hello All, We are revamping storage at my company. We have outgrown our current 250GB Array and have several options. 1. Buy an additional Array and add more storage 2. Look at SANS to add storage and server access to said storage I need links to quality websites that explain SAN technology, SAN shelf recommendations/review, and the best SAN training. Hope Ya'll can help Andy
  4. apatrol

    Joke about Lawyers

    You guys would be surprised how many people with bones sticking out of there legs are worried about there car/motorcycle...some dont even ask about the gf on the back....
  5. Hello All, One of my users has a p4 based system running IDE drive (master IDE1) and a CD-Rom (Secondary IDE2) and I need to run chkdsk /F to repair some damage. So I get a command window type chkdsk /F it gives the standard warning about not being able to lock the drive would I like to run at next reboot so I hit the Y key and re-boot. Doesnt run the chkdsk just loads to win login like always. I have scene this problem on IDE/ATA controllers since the system loads them as SCSI but never on IDE.....Any ideas? Thanks Andy
  6. Quick question, Does XP Pro require a re-install when adding a second CPU or upgrading to a Hyper Thread capable CPU? (my board supports hyper threading but not a second CPU) Thanks Andy
  7. To add a little info the Radeon 9700 series seems to handle the CAD envir much better. We couldnt use any previous Radeon with our 3D software but the bug appears to be fixed in the newer Radeon. For the lap I gotta go with the M50...a very nice system for pro CAD mobile users...
  8. apatrol

    Be afraid, America...

    obviously not but sitting around for ten years waiting for sanctions that only punish the citizens to work while the countries doing the sanctions throw money back and forth under the table profiting from the misery of others......come on you have to admit many many countries had a great deal of responsibilty for the ultimate outcome of the latest Iraq conflict As for other conflicts I agree with some and disagree with others but mainly I am proud to be an American just as you should be proud of your country. We will not always agree but we should be able to support each other w/o back stabbing.
  9. apatrol

    The United States of America

    Hey Ketch my Dad grew up on Aruba...you down that way?
  10. apatrol

    The U.S. wants to build midget A-bombs

    Can someone tell me where Belgium is? I keep seeing the snide (sniper comments) from there and am trying to figure out if its worth the trouble of a reply!
  11. apatrol

    Be afraid, America...

    American media does tend to be rather narrow minded but for the most part I dont care! Its a catch 22 if the US takes an interest we are being bullies if we dont take notice we are arrogant...since its a no win situation I have decided I dont give a rats ass....
  12. I told my wife to do what makes her happy....I did tell her I want my johnson back though!!!
  13. apatrol

    When a female walks by do you look ...

    Eyes, ass, breast, and then some mental calculations to come up with overall impression....As i am married dont give a rats ass if she catches me looking...now if the wife catches me well thats a totally different beast!
  14. apatrol

    Any Backup Gurus in da House

    Guys what does ntbackup do with the Exchange logs...Does it ensure they have been applied and then delete when the backup completes....I am just curious I have always used Legato or Backup Exec
  15. apatrol

    Raptor and promise onboard problem...

    Az I have an Intel board (cant remember model right now) with the Sil 3112 SATA Raid chip. I run a single SATA drive. I have an IDE drive that is the actual boot drive but there is a BIOS setting that allows me to switch to the SATA controller for Boot.