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  1. yep, completely not worth it. our company used to repair hard disk drives before we became a data recovery company, we got out of that business although we still use that knowledge every day for recoveries we perform since it just wasn't feasible anymore. no one wants to pay what a company would charge.
  2. well first, I did not refer to it as a Maxtor low profile drive, I know that drive has multiple heads. I never said this drive itself typically had this problem either. I clearly stated . . . . "something that's usually most common with Maxtor's low profile hard drives where they are detected as their alias" ------------------- We are quite aware of this problem, have invested a great deal of research, money and equipment to correct these problems. We see it every day . . . . FYI - If the drive is recognized as it's factory given "alias" the drive cannot and will not function properly in most cases. It is clear that this drive has this problem, again we/I deal with it all the time. In fact we've never seen one detected as Calypso, NP40, Aries, Athena, etc. ever function properly until we rewrite the corrupted maintenance track/service area. Sounds like you need to do some further research on this issue because you are not entirely familar with it.
  3. RE: Salvation Data (http://www.salvationdata.com) Purcahsed their Maxtor HDD Firmware Repairer Pro Utility after trying their Demo version for the 2BH020 (low profile Maxtor drive). The thing is we have a $13,000 unit we use to repair the typical maintenance track issue with these drives however there are a few that we do not have proper maintenance track data for. We tried this utility on one of the drives our system didn't have the specific maintenance track data we could rewrite. We were extremely skeptical but after running it on this 20GB Maxtor (had to run it twice), it only took a couple seconds, didn't appear to have done much but what do you know, once we rebooted the drive was now not detected as it's alias and we were able to get it to function normally! So we said, wow, this program does work and purchased the program. We had to setup a Western Union money transfer since they said their credit card processing software wasn't working or something. We buy the program and have 4 Maxtor low profile drives, all with maintenance track problems just like the 2BH020 we fixed successfully with their demo version. The drives for the most part, except 1 were 40GB "Aries 64K" models. Each could not be fixed by our system because we didn't have the correct maintenance track files to rewrite. If you don't have the correct file, the unit will not allow you to rewrite the maintenance track or firmware. Anyway, we jumpered the drives in "safe mode" to accept factory commands as according to the manual for this drive as we had to do with the 20GB we tested their demo version on. Low and behold, although their dongle is connected, com port enabled, followed the instructions to a "t", the program doesn't even communicate with any of these drives. We even tried it on a good drive and it doesn't communicate! We then tried jumpering it as "master", then tried safe mode jumper configurations as listed for other Maxtor drives. This program is useless! We emailed their sales and technical support and NEVER GOT ANY RESPONSE, they just kept quiet. We told them everything we did and were doing, step by step and asked told them we would like to know if there is anything we are doing wrong because it is not even communicating properly with these drives. Still to this day, about a couple of months later, no response! My question is has anyone else used or is using this program? Are there any tricks to get it to work or did they just make a functional demo for that one model to suck people in? Any thoughts on this would be extremely appreciated! My email address is dintrepidsg02@hotmail.com
  4. it's got a maintenance track issue, something that's usually most common with Maxtor's low profile hard drives where they are detected as their alias. Our company had to purcahse a $13,000 unit to remedy this problem. Basically the drives are prone to develop defects and typically also end up on the maintenance track. This data becomes corrupt. Basically the maintenance track needs to be rewritten if you need the data probably by a data recovery company with this capability.
  5. hellyh72

    PATA or SATA?

    I know others will probably disagree but I personally feel that SATA drives are generally not nearly as reliable as PATA drives. For some reason even SATA drives that are identical to a PATA drive except the interface seem to run significantly hotter I mean the boards get hot to touch and the drives get hot, it's like how hot 10,000 RPM SCSI's get a lot of the time from what I've noticed. We've been getting a lot of practically new SATA drives in an this does not discriminate to any one manucturer from when I can tell thus far. We've got practically new Seagate's, Hitachi's, Western Digitals and a lot of Maxtor SATA drives and a lot of them get some wierd read problems unlike ATA's. It's up to you but this is how I feel and how I see it.
  6. I don't mean to sound like an a** but I wouldn't be running XP on that thing, I don't even run XP (although I know I could) on my PIII Sok370 1.2GHz (1.25GB RAM) and PIII 850MHz Slot 1 (512MB RAM). For greater stability and performance I'd take it down to Windows 2000 or something, still not recommended but hell it will work better. I've seen decent PIII's choke on XP and machines at least twice that speed with better processors so that can't be good. And my friends were constantly clowning on me because I had an AMD K6-2 550 about 8 months ago I had for a while w/Win2K and always making fun of it . . . . . Systems are extremely cheap, even a $299 emachines or barebones system from Fry's would probably make a great replacement for that system. If you want something small you can get a Toshiba laptop for as cheap as $699 at Best Buy and other various places. Those compaq's aren't very good, a lot of them actually have cardstock/paper hoods to cool the CPU from the exhaust fan and the fans are weak, the power supplies are not very good and very weak, just that good of systems in the first place.
  7. hellyh72

    Sufficient paranoia

    Recovering data from a drive that has actually been Low Level Formatted or Zero Filled with a factory based utility is generally not possible. It is an "urban myth" that you can and various data recovery companies claim they can but again all this is, is a myth based on what I have seen thus far in my career.
  8. hellyh72

    Probably the best defrag utility . . . .

    Yeah that's definately a good program, very small, nothing to install really, very simple and it's easy to get for free. Since I installed PerfectDisk I've set it to defrag my page file everytime I boot. Every once and a while I'll set it to do a System file defrag and MFT optimization, works great however I only do the sys and mft every once and a while because it takes quite a while compared to the page file defrag. Aside from the "look" of the program it works great and you can actaully see a noticeable differnece in most cases. The program is also very comprehensive and takes about as long as Microsoft's Disk Defrag (Smart Placement defrag takes a little longer) while this program seems to do a much better job defragmenting judging by system performance.
  9. hellyh72

    Bad sectors

    actually I "personally" see any program like Scandisk or NDD as a "childs toy" myself when you can use a factory utility for WDC and IBM/Hitachi drives like DLGDIAG or DFT to repair bad sectors permanently. I remember having an old WDC hard drive with bad sectors where it wasn't even usable really, running DLGDIAG a long time ago where it completely repaired the bad sectors making the drive bootable again (not saying even those utilities are miracle cures all the time though). Heck I was able to format it too without 1 bad sector, used the drive for months without issue. Scandisk, NDD or any other utility in most cases does not permanently flag bad sectors. Since the bad sectors are only flagged at a software level, the bad sectors will usually grow, or come back if formatted.
  10. hellyh72

    Inserting a disc causes PC to stutter

    Not necessarily true, they use windows explorer and system resources, if the system hangs (or stutters as you refer it) your system will hang . . . .
  11. hellyh72

    spinrite software, effectiveness

    Problem with the program is that not all drives are "Spinrite" friendly and it may be too late after you have already ran the program to find out where your data is now completely no recoverable where it more than likely could have been. This is not just one customer, this has been from experience with many customers. Maybe the newer versions have gotten better but I still recommend staying clear of it. Problem is with drives that are having major trouble reading, could be possibly due to a bad/flaky head, problematic PCB, heat related issue or intermittent problem this program can potentially really screw things up and that's what it has done quite a few times, basically the equivilant of putting your drive in a meat grinder as far as your data. What happens is it often results in "garbage in garbage out" trying to relocate bad sectors and compensate for drive problems which "can" destroy your data. If you have an IBM/Hitachi drive or WDC and want a utility that can fix the bad sectors so you can get data you'd be far better off using their factory utility, at least if the drive is faulty beyond sector repair these utilities actually "know it" and will stop before potentially making matters worse. For any drive you'd be far better off running GetDataBack or Ontrack Easy Recovery where at least you are extracting data off of the failing drive, not trying to repair a failing drive. I'm not saying that the program doesn't work or can't work, it can't but if your data is really important to you and you are not exactly sure what the issue is with the drive it would not be wise to run it, trust me.
  12. hellyh72

    Inserting a disc causes PC to stutter

    No, I promise you I don't have that problem . . . . Even double checked today just to verify and in Win2K PIII Slot 850MHz w/512MB RAM, Promise TX2/100 card and AOpen DL DVD/R, inserted a CD, didn't do it at all while I was even surfing the internet and in Microsoft Word XP at the same time (never stuttered or hanged for any amount of time), was actually going to wepages, never slowed down once. Sure enough if you click on my computer the disc is shown there, you can access it, auto notification is not disabled either. I think just certain configurations/setups may be prone to do it more and/or there are other varying factors. However, I know for a fact certain (usually OEM) LG and Samsung drives and such can cause a system to hang for a good amount of time (I've experienced that before) when servicing other people's systems as a tech.
  13. hellyh72

    Inserting a disc causes PC to stutter

    guess I'm lucky enough not to have this feature then (In Windows) . . . .
  14. hellyh72

    Locked laptop hard drive

    I myself actually have a Hitachi DK23-EA (I think) that I'd like personally to use however I have to remove the factory password, I do know for a fact it is on the drive and swapping PCB's isn't going to reset the PW (least from prior experience) . . . .
  15. Just checked the disk and this version of the drivers do also support the TX2/133. Sure no problem, send me an email reminding me about the drivers to dintrepidsg02@hotmail.com and I'll gladly send you a copy attached to a reply.