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  1. worxland

    Samsung 840 Pro or Samsung 850 Pro?

    Continuum is right in the limited stock as reason for price, however in your scenario (OS+apps) you will see exactly zero difference in performance between 840 Pro and 850 Pro (I have both in my main rig, the 840 Pro is 3 yrs old, the 850 Pro is 10 months old). The 850 Pro is expected to have double lifetime (6000 write cycles vs 3000) but it is very-very unlikely that with OS+apps you will get anywhere near to their limits. As for 840 slowdown: it happened to 840 EVO and 840 only, there was no such problem with the 840 Pro.
  2. Hail to the king! 30000 P/E and 10 yr warranty - from now on SSD is the all-round storage option (temp files and p2p included).
  3. Whole lot of marketing BS. Writing multiple times 3-bit SSD, 3-bit NAND MLC and so on only to avoid the dreaded word: TLC. Compared to what? Certainly not MLCs. Yeah, on par with other SSDs and for sustained writes well below the competition. Based on consumer market experiences of 840/840 Evo it won't happen. Data center managers are not known for their purpose to choose TLC over MLC/SLC. Especially when they check lifetime of TLC vs MLC in heavy usage environments and calculate TCO.
  4. worxland

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    Relax, it is consolidating ... slowly. On local (Hungarian) flea market the price for new 3TB HDD was ~140 USD before the flood and I could buy one this August for the same price.
  5. worxland

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    sorry, answered to the wrong post.
  6. OK, now I start to understand why they said to store all our data in the clouds.
  7. worxland

    recertified drive

    D0A != DOA, so there is no coincidence, you just misread.
  8. worxland

    recertified drive

    Recertified is not new (never was), even if it has full warranty (which is not the case as you can see). This is why it is ALWAYS sold at a lowered price.
  9. No, 720p requires max. 1 MB/s (depending on the bitrate and quality) and any 5400rpm drive can easily do 50-60 MB/s at the worst case. So the stutter was caused by something else.
  10. worxland

    where are the 3 TB internal drives?

    And this is relevant to storagereview or 3TB drives because?
  11. worxland

    where are the 3 TB internal drives?

    I definitely will.
  12. worxland

    Anything wrong with High-capacity drives?

    The quoted text you copied is dumb stupid. The Seagate 1.5TB has (or had?) design/firmware problems which has not much to do with platter density. Also Samsung's HD103UJ was a leap in the dark by Samsung who had no previous experience in top edge (market leader) technology of this kind (in field of making HDDs, I mean), so no one was really surprised when it turned out that the first products weren't so flawless. As for general medium quality of today's drives - let me disagree. In the past the ratio of broken HDDs was not lower in general mass market regarding what I saw and read (I started to use HDDs in 1990 and have tried to follow trends in storage since mid 90's). So far I had 3 drive failures (a 15 GB IBM years ago - BTW top quality in that time, a 300 GB Maxtor - no surprise here and a 40 GB Samsung - which I dropped from 1.5 m, uh-oh), and have no problem with my 4 1TB drives I use (2 of them in 24/7) - two is WD, one is Hitachi and one is a Samsung HD103UJ . So much for individual experience and showing it as general knowledge.
  13. Remember, last year Samsung F1 data was seen first on German webshops - months before the actual HDD was on sale. So leaked info can appear anywhere, see this link, where I too thought the F1 to be hoax Link. Nevertheless this current WD-thingy is a little too weak on info to be realistic.
  14. Done that. So? No official release, no data spec, no shop to buy, no availability date, no test, no review, no preview, no user experiences, not even a (Photoshopped) picture.
  15. worxland

    Seagate 1.5TiB HDD out.

    http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-ST31500341AS...S/dp/B00066IJPQ Amazon claims to have it also.