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  1. Well, if someone whats to buy them strait out, I'm certainly open to that also... Daniel
  2. Hi! I have 4 SCSI 15k drives up for sale along with a Perc4e/320-2e SCSI Raid card (Dual Channel). Its on eBay right now : Thanks! Daniel
  3. I have a few raptors WD1500ADFD and WD1500AHFD up for sale. They are brand new and sealed strait from WD. 220$ for the raptor X 200$ for the normal version Email me at if interested. Thanks! Daniel
  4. lachinois

    Complete SCSI Setup for sale!

    Hi! Well the auction is finished, but I'm having some issues with the buyers... if it doesnt clear up I'll end up relisting them unless someone here would like to get them. The disks are 15k.3 and 15k.4, capacity 74GB drives (or is that 73GB I dont know the official size). They are 68pin. They are all in perfect working condition. I've had the 15k.4 for a few weeks and the 15k.3 for a few months. The SCSI Card is the Dell PERC4, I had my setup working and could get about 400MB/sec with HD Speed as the benchmark tool on a 680i motherboard. If anyone wants to make an offer, feel free. Daniel
  5. Hi! I have the following up for sale : * LSI 320-2e SCSI Adapter (dell branded) with Battery pack * 3x (three) Seagate Cheetah U320 15k.3 SCSI Disks * 4x (four) Seagate Cheetah U320 15k.4 SCSI Disks * A few U320 SCSI Cables with terminators Its up for auction right now, offers are also welcome. Thanks! Daniel
  6. Hi! I'm looking for some info on the LSI 320-2e/Dell PERC 4e and I'm pretty surprised to see that people are having the exact same issue. I tested my 3x15k.3 on my PERC 4e and the STR is not that good. I'm using the 128MB w/ IBBU. Options in the BIOS count for not more than 5% improvement (writethru/writeback/etc...). Many users are getting in the 160-190 MB/sec with 320-2e based cards. I have ampheanol cables w/ included terminator so I dont think my cable is bad. What other controller should I get that is U320 / Raid 0 and PCI-E based that would be better than this? There doesnt seem to be that much choice except going SAS or going RAID Raptor.
  7. Hi! I have a 39320D adaptec SCSI card here and I was wondering if simply by flashing it with its -R counter part (the 39320D-R) it would be able to do HostRAID? I have heard that it could be done, but I'm unsure. Has anyone tried it before? Thanks! Daniel
  8. lachinois

    Whats the best transfer rate with 3x15k.3?

    Hi Vidmar! Did you way that you actually flashed your PERC4/SC to LSI? And it worked? I'm considering trying it... Did you use the flash tool on the LSI web site? Also, I have some kind of a daughter board plugged on the card in the far end, is that some kind of battery because when I look at it I cant see much of a battery in there. It looks like a card with only 1 chip on it. The DELL bios says that I have no battery pack installed... I dont know what that board is. Daniel
  9. lachinois

    Whats the best transfer rate with 3x15k.3?

    Hi! Here are the two benchmarks I was taking about: a) However... I see that the ATTO benchmark rates much differently than the Winbench version. What should be trusted to mesure STR? Daniel
  10. lachinois

    Whats the best transfer rate with 3x15k.3?

    I'm using a Pentium M 2.1 Ghz CPU which should be ample enough power to drive a simple stripped array. Does anyone know if my SCSI cable can be the factor limiting my throughput? It was rated U320 when I purchased it off the net, but I'll double check with the manuf. # to be extra sure. In any case, I dont think the amphenol cable can only be 80MB/sec... at least it would be 160MB/sec. Daniel
  11. Hi! I'm currently experimenting with SCSI RAID 0 merely for fun and also to try to understand some things here that I cant quite understand... I have a LSI 320-1 (dell PERC4 actually) connected to 3x15k.3 in a hardware RAID 0 setup. I'm using an ampheanol LVD cable with 4 ports (1 empty). When I use Winbench 99 on this setup, I cant seem to get any good read throughput. It seems to stagnate in the 70-80MB/sec on the whole disk. If I plug only 1 disk then I can get similar performances, albeit 70MB/sec only on the outer track and 50MB/sec on the inner track. Plugging the drives in software raid 0 with windows 2003 enterprise give out similar max throughput of 70-80MB/sec. I'm using a DFI 855GME motherboard with only 1 PCI-X card installed. I'm wondering if its really the SCSI card that cant handle more IO commands and hence stagnates at 70-80MB/sec or if its something in my setup (cable, motherboard, OS) that is limiting my througput? I looked at a benchmark here ( that shows the LSI 320-1 card to be really slow with 4 drives (77MB/sec), and the 320-2X files on the otherhand at 250MB/sec with 4 drives... And dont get me going with SATA, which seem to be able to reach substantial througput with a fraction of the cost... (of course, you loose the low access times...) Is it me or does the SCSI card make a big difference? In that case would it be better to simply get a good U320 card and simply RAID software (assuming the CPU has cycles to spare)? Daniel