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  1. I'm messing around with those settings. How do the numbers in the utility translate to the time and such? I'm trying to make it reduce RPM in 30 minutes but don't do a complete spin down, but it's very hard to test.
  2. meanie

    Is anyone excited about Vista?

    meh, not really excited about Vista. Windows XP is working great for me. So I'll wait until a couple of service packs and if there's some software I really need that only works in Vista.
  3. meanie

    Strange sound on Diamondmax 10

    The moral of the story is: eat your vegetables!
  4. meanie

    Test your computer knowledge.

    Why not buy an additional hard drive? Those pics/mp3s should be backup anyways ... I was running both XP and Win98 SE on the same computer a couple years ago. Win98 boots faster than XP. It was a 1GHz Pentium. I had upgraded to 2GHz AMD64 ... some stuff in XP seems to run at the same speed (booting into Windows, opening folders, browsing, running winamp), but running big apps and games is faster.
  5. meanie

    Toshiba 200GB 2.5"SATA

    woah, I want to see one of those ... did they give out some price? Probably can't afford it, but want to see one
  6. meanie

    OS Stability Report

    I like to install a new version of Linux once a year (I never use it, just install it and try it out see if it can run the programs I want). The Ubuntu desktop OS has a cool logo, but it's suckiest Linux I tried
  7. I don't think anyone ever thought 4.7GB hard drive is enough, but someone did think 640K of memory is enough for anybody Well, hard drive is probably not going to last forever but should be here in the "near" future ... unless some expected technology come along.
  8. meanie

    Lost access to my full Raid 10...

    come on, dude Just because someone disagrees with you, they're not calling you out In this case, he's more right, you're more wrong. That's not true. The guest account will not be enabled with IIS installed. Also, I don't think you can access those administrative shares without an administrative account. The "Everyone" access applies to the files for people with physical access to the computer. So, in the end, the system is not much less secure than before. meanie Certification: KIAC
  9. Get Ranish Partition Manager, it's free. Get the 2.40 version [oh yeah, can anyone that uses Ultimate Boot CD tell them to remove the beta version and use the stable version? It has some bug in there that would not save partitions correctly.]
  10. I thought it would improve airflow and stuff, so I got a couple ($15). After needing to pull it out a few times the wires would come off :/ I got some new ones that come with a motherboard I bought (MSI) they're better with normal flat ribbon, but they 're bunch together before the plug.
  11. I heard one of the Samsung Spin- model is the quietest.
  12. meanie

    Raptor crash

    I think you only need a fan if your drive temperature is too high. You can check drive temp. with one of those SMART monitoring tools. I don't know about 10K drives, but normal drives should be good under 50oC.
  13. meanie

    Forum Hack?

    I just did a quick search on the link that was on the forum yesterday, it seems the forum might really had been hack. The link was www.vniss (.net, don't go there, esp. if you're using Internet Explorer ). You can search that URL in Google, and it seems like they like to hack into forums. Edit: oh yeah, if you use your real username and password, they might have it now ...
  14. meanie

    Motherboard and NCQ

    NCQ is probably not important for downloading stuff. Depending on what you use to download, some programs have a good caching system. Oh yeah, if you download 24/7, your ISP is probably going to cut your bandwidth.
  15. A negative CPU load? Does that mean my CPU gets twice as fast if I run 1000 instances? No, it means the CPU is running back in time to finish all the work before the work even existed I guess writing to existing file could be faster if the OS doesn't have to allocate free space, but I don't know if it's going to be a lot.