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  1. Well, let's just say that I have a HD encrypted with DC getting much attention lately. They have asked for the PW and even though I know they aren't going to find anything, I wonder if they are able to gain access to the drive. I keep hearing that there are so many holes in a given OS, that some error in a buggy OS like Windows could leave your encryption with its fly down. What are you'll thoughts? Ohh....I'll be sure to pass the word if the drive is compromised despite all the hype from SecurStar.
  2. zoppe

    DriveCrypt put to the test

    A recent email to Securestar produced the following: I SENT: I keep hearing that DES encryption is not considered secure yet is one of the encryption options within DriveCrypt 3 and 4. Is this true? THEY SENT Yes, DES was broken, but there are still some customers who want it. If you want to encrypt a disk or a partition is not necessary to use DES algorithm. We offer also this encryption algorithms: AES 256, Triple AES, Blowfish, Triple Blowfish, Tea 16, Tea 32, IDEA, Triple DES, Square and Misty 1. I SENT: This is very confusing... You’ll claim that Drivecrypt has “never been brokenâ€.... which is bold statement... yet you offer, as an optional algorithm, DES which has been broken .... for years. Thus, it is a very real possibility that a customer could purchase this product, use this wide open algorithm (with the unwitting thought that it must be secure if it is offered by such a security conscious organization) only to have it cracked with little budget or effort by even the smallest of organization... thus, don’t look now.... your program has just been compromised or in effect “ it has been brokenâ€. Am I missing something? I would recommend that you not offer it as an option or at the lease have a pop-up window if it is selected to caution your customers as to its complete uselessness in terms of security... THEY SENT: Mr. Richard, Our program has never been compromised and never been broken. The standard original DES algorithm has been broken, but not a container of DriveCrypt. Today it is widely common that DES is not safe. we should put a note in the software warning about that. Thank you for your comments. Regards, Can someone explain what they are trying to tell me...specifically...what is the subtle difference between a the “container†and the DES encryption that secures it…or am I all confused?
  3. zoppe

    DriveCrypt put to the test

    Well, life goes on.... I was wondering... I keep hearing about how DES encryption is not considered “secureâ€. However, it is one of the encryption options on Drivecrypt (all versions) and is still being listed as an option on DCPP. What gives…. Or have I got it wrong. I hope Securestar is not pushing an unsecured encryption format for the sake of diversity….
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    DriveCrypt put to the test

    "encryption key is evidence, not testimony...." This is not correct from what I have read. This from the Fisher Case: Despite contrary assertions, the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination prevents the government from compelling either decryption of encrypted documents or production of a private key unless use and derivative-use immunity is granted or the government has met, by clear and convincing evidence, the three-prong test from Fisher v. United States.... Fisher Court held that compelled production of documents may implicitly communicate incriminating facts where the act will: “(1) concede the existence of a document; (2) concede possession, location, or control of a document; [or]70 (3) assist in authentication of a document So when you say evidence, I am not clear.....EVIDENCE of what? that an encrypted file is present.....
  5. zoppe

    DriveCrypt put to the test

    Heem, Future Shock what you suggest may be true in some countries, but in America (I may not have pointed that out) we have protection against self-incrimination. There is no "contempt of court" for refusing to give information away on yourself. The problem is, many Americans don’t trust portions of the Government, in that they will go into your drive looking for one thing…. strikeout …but wait…. they see something else…..they will switch gears to make the mark.