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    Loading OS onto RAID 5 array?

    I depends on your storage goals, if you are looking for redundancy vs performance vs maximizing available space you could configure your array in several different ways.
  2. I need to pickup a drive with good mix of storage capacity and speed at a good price point, i was originally looking at the WD4000YR but this drive seems to be pretty close performance wise and $60+ cheaper. The WD3200KS also has the 5 year warranty if i read correctly and is quieter than the WD4000YR. Any thoughts on the one vs the other?
  3. i used this linux boot disk successfully some 3 weeks ago. Not all of my workstations took on the first pass and you may have to play with the different password reset options. Anyways avoid this if you use disk encryption as much could be lost. -Chicago
  4. Chicago

    Raid 5, just not worth the money?

    I might save the cost of a good RAID5 controller and just buy and extra disk to create a RAID1+0. I would think you would get better all around performance and potenially better reliability as well. I could be bias as I gave up on RAID5 for smaller arrays years ago.
  5. Chicago


    never heard of it, and it doesnt sound very safe either? why are you asking about it?
  6. First of let me say that i deal with mostly small businesses that usually have only 1 to 3 servers. I have noticed that everytime i have them purchase a new server 50% or more of the cost comes from MS and its liscensing. Is there a way to have XP Pro authenticate to a solaris 10 server in an active directory style manor for rights and security purposes like they do with AD? I have not found much information about solaris10 windows integration. I think the rest of the problems have been taken care of. Solaris does well with file and print services, it has a mail and database capabilities. Those are all the reasons i primaraly use windows SBS. But at $100 per seat that gets expensive. I welcome your thoughts and experiences
  7. Chicago

    Scratch Disk Raid Configuration

    Just my $.02 but i have found in my experience that RAID5 doesnt have much worth in the world anymore. I have replaced it in most cases with a RAID 1+0 which would work nicely over 2 controllers. It doesnt have much in the way of proccessing overhead and should have much faster writes. That said i hear of some success of just selecting all remain disks(no RAID, just JBOD) to share the swap file and let windows manage it. I am not sure if you will find alot of support around here for RAID0. I don't do much in the way of photo editing, but i have several small business clients that are now happy owners of file/mail/database servers running RAID 1+0 arrays in place of RAID5. Again, my experience may not apply here but its my $.02. Regards, Chicago
  8. Chicago

    need help with database structure

    thanks for the response, after further looking into this situation(other factors) i think this would be a classic "many to many" relationship and needs a "associative entity". The days of when I messed around with access tables are comming back to me. Ugh. I thought there might have been a better way developed in the last 8-10 years. Anyways i have my answer and appreciate the help
  9. attention DB Admins! I know this is a storge forum so please point me in the right direction if you know of a good and knowledgeable site. And by all means if you have any good suggestions to my problem please lend me your advice. I am looking to create a new parts database and here is my problem: I need to store information on 10,000 products, there related parts, and the number of each part per product. Here is an example {product number}{product description}{part0 number}{part0 amount}{part1 number}{part1 amount} etc..... there may be as few as two parts to each product or as many as 50 parts. The variable parts section lends itself well to an array however i dont know of a good way to store an array into a field, and i dont know if its a good idea to create a separate parts table for each record either(10,000+). this will be a web based application when its build however i need to sniff out the better canidates for data storage and development language. I am new to both and with not play a heavy part in either all said and done. thanks in advance...
  10. Chicago

    This is my story

    i did something very similar with with a drive that was part of a RAID 0 some years ago ('cuda 80G, i dont remember the model number) it just so happened that my room mate at the time 1. trusted me, and 2. had a matching 'cuda in his machine. I took the board off the bottom of his and slapped in on my 'cuda (now suffering from the click of death) and crossed my fingers. It worked! i backed up my data and reassembled his drive before i sent my in for an RMA. I too worked in a local(chicago) pc shop building and fixing PC's. I learned alot of odd tricks that you cant find written in most book. Long story short, if you have a drive with a matching PCB in your shop give it a shot. Just make sure you backup the data of the doner drive first.
  11. Chicago

    LAN switch for VOIP

    I have a client who will be deploying VOIP solution. The VOIP switch/server will be in house and fed by a couple of ISDN PRI’s so this is strictly a level of service issue on the LAN side. There are 30+ users on the network and all the PC’s are relatively new in the last 8 months. Each Ethernet line will go to each phone and then branch off to a PC. I know the VOIP vender is pushing Cisco hardware however I believe a switch with good quality of service should do the trick. This client is a Dell shop and currently has Dell layer 2 switches installed. I know dell doesn’t actually manufacture there own switches, but that doesn’t bother me as I have used then time and time again without any problems and its hard to beet the price. Please advise.
  12. Chicago

    LAN switch for VOIP

    thats what i am asking, the pc's are mixed 100Mbps and 1Gbps if a PC is moving a 200MB file while on the phone will it affect the voice?
  13. Chicago

    combining 2 broadband connections

    I have seen this done with IDSL and a netopia R9100, of course it was the same provider on the remote end. I am not sure if it was easier becuase of the ATM relationship DSL has or if alot of work was needed at the head.
  14. Chicago

    slow wireless

    of course, if you are transfering from the 125mb/s to the regular 802.11g card a good rule of thumb is to take the rate of the slower NIC(for compatability mode) and cut it in half for the AP and then split the remaining bandwidth up per the number of node transfering on the network. This formula has worked more or less for me in the past but i have not tested it on a large wireless network. if you have 2 nodes transfering data at max capacity in 54g mode then i would think you would see more like 10-12 mb/s. (((54mbps)/2 )/#clients)- overhead= bandwidth overhead can come in the form of security and packet encapsulation data. If that formula holds true in this case the you can expect to see around 1.25 MB/s wich is right around where you are at now.
  15. Chicago

    2 TB limitation on NTFS volumes

    hmm well i guess its worth a call into 3ware to ask, but i think i remeber the 2TB limit on the basic spec page. sorry i couldnt be of further help, I thought i had with the GPT. At any rate, i am envious of your setup .
  16. Chicago

    slow wireless

    what kind of security are you using? try turning all security off and testing the bandwidth.
  17. Chicago

    slow wireless

    5mbps is typical of 802.11b and one should be able to get around 20-25mbps on 802.11g. That said i dont have alot of experience on the so called "turboG" 108mbps and i have never heard of 125mbps technology from USR or whoever is providing them the chips. I can only assume that you should be able to achive at least 25mbps since the later 2(108mbps and 125mbps) are both based on 802.11g. Check your signal strength and speed, both will varry based on distance and obstacles. I hope this helps you a little.
  18. Chicago

    2 TB limitation on NTFS volumes

    These directions are for win2k3 sp1 vs. the previous post which was geared more towards XPx64.
  19. Chicago

    2 TB limitation on NTFS volumes

    looks like you need to load SP1 and convert to a GUID partition table. This appears to be the directions on how to convert a volume to GPT. I hope this helps
  20. Chicago

    Need a micro atx sli motherboard.

    I see a whole thread correcting a guys symantecs and not alot of help :-).... However, i guess to be fair i have read and reread the thread and i am still no clear as to what is wanted. I am not sure if he realy wanted 432 MB/sec or 432Mb/sec. The first will be unattainable with 6 raptors but also unattainable with 4 GigE NIC's let alone 2. That said I think i have just done what everyone else has done here and ask you to clarify exactly what you are trying to attain. Do you have an approximate budget you are trying to work within?
  21. Chicago

    Best choice for Spyware?

    A good combination of SP2(if on xp) and the MS anti-spy beta has worked time and time again for me. If your using win9x i have found spyware that still remained on the machine after each major player (spybot ad-aware etc...) has had its shot. I have also spent hours manually editing the registry and system files but sometimes the machine is too are gone. Its like a virus without a cure. If it gets so bad to the point that i get "out of virtual memory" errors after booting i nuke and reprep the machine.
  22. Chicago

    Windows Server 2003 SP1

    took close to 20 minutes to install on the Dell 1800 (SBS 2k3) no problems reported... Almost 300 MB worth of updates. Anyone know what the big deal was with this patch?
  23. Chicago

    Windows Server 2003 SP1

    Installling it now on SBS, no problems so far... Oh and hello SR Forum members i am a 4 year viewer 1st time poster :-)