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  1. Well I do agree to some extent, this is going to cost me more money than just for the windows media. Thank you all for the advice as well, due to these and other issues as well as support ending I opted to upgrade my machine to Windows 8.1 PRO and even though my machine meets the system requirements on the box when I try to install it says my processor needs to be upgraded, my processor does not support physical address expansion, thus windows 8.1 cannot be installed. I am running a Pentium M 1.8ghz w/ 2gb RAM. There has to be some way around this blockade? I am guessing Windows 10 being a newer version would have this same limitation issue?
  2. With Vista support from Microsoft creeping up on us (ends 04/11/17) it seems the last round of updates have created an issue within Vista. My unfortunate feeling is that Microsoft will not be releasing a new round of updates to correct this problem before support ends in a few short days. If it were one machine I would not necessarily blame Microsoft update however all six of my current computers run Vista Ultimate 32-bit except one that runs Vista 32-bit business and they all inherited this problem at around the same time a few weeks ago, never had this issue before now. Upon starting windows a process called svchost sucks 100% of cpu resources, then upon ending of this process immediately a new process called Racagent takes its place and sucks 100% cpu, upon ending this process the computer will operate normally for about 20 minutes or until a restart at which time this starts all over again with svchost. I have taken steps to alleviate these processes and they still keep showing back up. I have followed information online regarding these processes and nothing seems to permanently get rid of them. This is getting very frustrating every time I try to use my computers, fighting this thing. Any insight is much appreciated.........
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    Thanks Brian
  4. Pair of trusty old Seagate ST446452W Brand/Model: Seagate Elite ST446452W Form Factor: 5.25" Full-Height Capacity: 47GB Buffer Size: 4MB Spindle Speed: 5357RPM Connector: 68-Pin SCSI
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    Profile Editing

    I have tried several times to update my SR forum profile with no success. It goes through the motions but the changes never take. Any suggestions? Anyone else have this 'issue'? I have tried numerous devices, browsers, OS's, same outcome. Thanks.
  6. It turns out this is a common occurrence on several HP models, intriguingly models employing PATA or SATA interfaces are both impacted by this conundrum. After reviewing what data is available online I have concluded that no concrete solution to this issue exists at this time. I am parking this here should it assist others in their own endeavors. I have noted several examples where OCZ SSD particularly the Vertex model had functioned properly where other brands would not, however this is far from a surety, there have also been instances of OCZ drives not agreeing with these HP models. In my efforts to deter a perpetual adverse spending pattern complemented by a floundering project I have decided to throw in the towel, I will disregard SSD for this particular system. Instead a 100gb 7200rpm 2.5" platter system drive bolstered by a 16gb expresscard Sony SxS memory card flaunting sustained 105 MB/sec on which the paging file is deployed is scrumptious in comparison too not to mention clobbers the old lone OEM 4200rpm jalopy.
  7. Not sure if anyone will have any ideas here but I figure its worth a shot. I have a HP Pavilion dv5130us Turion ML-37 2ghz DDR 333 PATA HD windows vista ultimate 32 bit. I know its older than dirt but I am replacing the 4200rpm 120gb Toshiba PATA hard drive with a Transcend PATA 128gb SSD. The computer will not see the SSD no matter how i set the jumpers or bios. Of course it does see it on a PATA>USB adapter in windows and my other PATA machine (Inspiron 6000) can see the SSD just fine as well as install windows. For some reason can this particular HP series of laptops not see SSD or is there perhaps a brand type or size of SSD that has a better chance of being seen by the machine? Thanks for any help you can offer
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    Merry Christmas

    Yes Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone here at SR!
  9. Thank you both, I will try memtest and the driver and report results.
  10. I have a very strange problem with my Fujitsu Lifebook S6520. Windows XP was blue screening and reporting videocard error. The system would also freeze and dump soon after booting ad I had artifacts all over the screen. I thought it was a video driver issue or perhaps my S3 430 ulp was malfunctioning. After playing with drivers, rolling back etc. there was no change. I pulled out one of the 2gb ddr3 pc8500 modules and believe it or not everything was fine, the system was rock stable. So I thought, oh bad memory module. I purchased 2 matched OCZ 1gb ddr3 pc8500 modules and installed them and the problem returned, the same problem! So I pulled the module out of the same slot as before and everything is fine again running on a single 1gb module. I checked the slot and everything appears fine, no dirt or dust, all wires leading from slot to motherboard appear to be connected and not shorted, and all little connectors appear to be seated correctly placing proper spring tension for proper connection, so I am at a loss. The modules are good; if I put them in the good slot everything is fine. Has anyone ever heard of an untampered with (before now) memory slot going bad suddenly without reason? If anyone can think of something I would appreciate any ideas, I do not want to pay for a new motherboard if there is another way. I could run on one module however I do not know the entire extent of benefits of dual channel with ddr3, not to mention if something is going wrong I could run into new problems. Thank you in advance for any assistance or thoughts.
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    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Well, why yes I do appreciate the gesture. However I am a tad bit surprised to see 12k9 is still trolling in time to time, four?, well still been waiting some time for an update to 'da weather' perhaps now since Eugene will not be giving us the cease and desist hand down? Perhaps not, additional hard years of 'overgrowing' and 'cannabutter' may have left 12k9 facing an even more trying 'wire cuttered' dilemma of reduced cranial activity. I do however wonder if he has ever been able to acquire a certain flat bedded car he so seeks to bring in the asian cuties. Was that a puff?
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    Oldest drive still in use

    On my 'old games' system I am running a Seagate ST423451N 23 GB Full Size 5.25" SCSI Drive. The system uses System Commander and will boot XP / PC Dos 7 & Win 3.11 / Win 95 for any older game needs like Orcs and Humans . System is a IBM PC 350 P100. S T 4 2 3 4 5 1 N E L I T E 2 3 SEAGATE Native| Translation ------+-----+-----+----- Form 5.25"/FH Cylinders 6884| | | Capacity form/unform 23200/ MB Heads 28| | | Seek time / track 13.0/ 1.5 ms Sector/track | | | Controller SCSI3 SI/ULTRA Precompensation Cache/Buffer 2048 KB MULTI-SEGMEN Landing Zone Data transfer rate 11.000 MB/S int Bytes/Sector 512 10.000 MB/S ext SYNC Recording method PRML 0/4/4 operating | non-operating -------------+-------------- Supply voltage Temperature *C 5 50 | Power: sleep W Humidity % | standby W Altitude km | idle 22.0 W Shock g | seek 27.0 W Rotation RPM 5400 read/write W Acoustic dBA spin-up W ECC Bit MTBF h 800000 Warranty Month 60 Lift/Lock/Park YES Certificates
  13. I am repairing a raid 1 array on an Intel integrated raid solution on a p4 Dell xps. One of the two identical 250 gb sata drives has failed and the array is operating from the one drive. Thanks to ebay I have another identical drive. Should I just attach the new drive and it will rebuild? Or do I need to unraid and go to a single drive then add the new drive and build a new array? I just want to ensure it does not build from the new blank drive. I will make a ghost first to be safe but want things to go as smoothly as possible. Thanks all in advance!
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    the end of Christianity?

    "Fools, with respect to the Admin's wishes to not post over-politicized content, it's not clear if Eugene still cares." I would like to hear Eugene's comments on this, now that things are calmer around here.
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    Cute joke

    Why do ducks have webbed feet? To stamp out fires. Why do elephants have flat feet? To stamp out burning ducks. xSTLx