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  1. WD Black is faster than F1, seeks are much quicker and transfert rare near de same (appart the fact that there is a platter at 105Mo/s that F1 doesn't have). For the Hitachi, event the E7K1000 marketed for Nearline Storage is AAM forced (like P7K500). It means that the days where Hitachi where the faster in performance is finished.
  2. I'm pretty sur it is because the larger cache and that de I/O are buffered.
  3. I think the drive is dead nothing more nothing less.
  4. Mei

    Dell Poweredge vs. ?

    I think tuning for stability !
  5. Doesn't look like the HDs are very fast. Even if you got a 320gb with the 2x160gb platters, the transfer rates shouldn't be that different. 7200.10s only varied by ~3MB/sec... T7K500 with 167GB/platters should have a max STR of approx 82MB/s. According figure in datasheet.
  6. With their actual technology : 5 platters mechanics, 167GB platter technology (without using P-Recording), and the fact that they're using P-Recording in 2,5" hdd... I think is is possible. Without a big effort they could release a 833GB hard drive without P-Recording. So I guess that at Chrismas they could release a 5 platter 200GB/platter P-Recording drive with near to 100MB/sec max Transfert Rate and 32MB cache
  7. Mei

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    It is an ATA one model, without NCQ, so compare is hard. But my T7K250 have the same seek than my 7K80s even if specs tells 8.5ms for T7K250 and 8.8ms for 7K80. Higher density is not good for seek times. For STR, Seagate have better on 7200.10, but T7K500 is announced to have ~10% more STR than 7K160 so, it may be on par, but with a slightly better firmware for Hitachi.
  8. Mei

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    HDTach of a 7K160 160GB :
  9. Mei

    The Seagate AAM issue

    AAM is a part of ATAPI so it is integrated in PATA and SATA.
  10. I think the ST3250623NS is a NL35.1 (based on 7200.8) and the ST3250624NS is a NL35.2 (based on 7200.9). You should buy a third NL35.1 I think... The difference is few, performance is similar.
  11. Mei

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    As 7K400 and 7K500 were targetted for Nearline Storage, HGST must continue them for support, and RAID Array upgrading. I think a 7K750 car be a good drive for competiting against Seagate NL35.3.
  12. Mei

    Best Quiet Small Fast IDE Hard drive

    Hitachi 7K80 40GB or Seagate 7200.9 80GB
  13. Mei

    NForce 4 and NCQ still a problem

    Ooops I made a mistake when writing it. I wanted to write : AGERE
  14. Mei

    NForce 4 and NCQ still a problem

    nForce4 problem is only with Agera SATA300 NCQ controller. Infineon doesn't cause problem. I far as I know, only Maxtor and Seagate use it.
  15. From 160GB platters to 188GB platters (or 200GB platters)... still not much yet. But it's just a start of perpendicular recording era! Seagate has talked about having much higher densities already ready for production... However, for this new 7200.10 they announce the "Maximum Sustained Data Transfer Rate = 78 MB/s". It's only +5 MB/s over current 7200.9 160GB (160GB platters) model. And that's pretty logical for this platter density jump. Hitachi announced a better transfert rate with only 167GB platter without P-Recording. If these numbers are true, why bump density without performance increase ???