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  1. I'll be damned. Tosed the drive in the freezer for a few hours, connected it to the comp. BIOS recognized it, and I booted up successfully and recovered 60Gb so far. The drive emits very unhealthy groaning noise....but it's copying the data (slowly), which is much more than I hoped for. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I guess I got lucky this time AJ
  2. The drive is not recognized by BIOS, and makes infinite spinning noise. Here is a link to the wav file. I tried to use it in different computer, same results. Any possibility of salvaging this drive? Freezing, perhaps? I have recovery tools, so all I need is to have it running for a few minutes. Thanks AJ
  3. Hey guys. I recently bough a new Seagate 7200.8 drive ($129 deal @ Outpost), and it's slower than molasses HDTach may not be 100% accurate, but it's consistent w/my findings (it takes over 20 minutes to copy 1Gb from the drive) The drive is hooked up to Promise Ultra 100 controller, along with WD 200Gb / Maxtor 200Gb drives, none of which exhibit any strange performance characteristics. Tried using different cables. Tried plugging the drive into motherboard IDE header. Tried putting the drive into ancient PIII system with ATA 33. Same crap. Any ideas guys? The drive passes all Seatools tests...and the write performance is speedy. Thanks, AJ