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  1. Ok, I found the 7K6000 on the MoreComputers website on 17th July. It wasn't in stock so I clicked the 'Notify me' button. I was emailed to say stock was expected 27th July. It didn't arrive. Then stock was expected 17th August. It didn't arrive. The next date was the 14th September. It didn't arrive. The latest date is 5th October. If it arrives by that date I will probably fall off my chair with the shock. The Nigel O'Hara website will order a drive 'upon request'. Call be cynical, but I think that order might go the same way as my MoreComputers query. There is an issue here, or at least, in the UK there is. Yes, Span will order the drive 'upon request' but only for a batch of 20 or more. I could order from Amazon via Germany for £225.83 ($346) including delivery, but that's too costly for any 2TB drive. It's just as well getting this particular drive isn't important, if it were I might be getting rather annoyed.
  2. Hi, When you mention 'plenty' of sources, do you mean, one? I'd never heard of Nigel O'Hara until your post. newegg UK may not exist as a separare entity but, lets put it another way, they won't supply 7K6000's to the UK as they are 'out of stock'. The 7K4000 Series by contrast is available from most of the usual retail suppliers. I just wondered why this wasn't the case for the 7K6000.
  3. Hi, Well, if newegg bought them all they didn't share with newegg UK as they are out of stock. On the US site they have a few including this HGST Ultrstar 7K6000 HUS726040ALE610 4TB at $7,228 Interesting price...
  4. Hi, I heard great things about HGST 7K4000 series hard drives, particularly their reliability, so I eagerly awaited the arrival of the new 7K6000 series. Hopefully a bit faster and just as reliable. The 7K6000 have been listed on the HGST web site, I think for over a year. But, in the UK these hard drives appear to be as rare as hen's teeth. Ok, I might be able to get the largest (6TB) but the smaller capacities seem to be almost unobtainable. Does anyone know why these drives are so scarce? Many thanks.
  5. StephenX

    New Seagate HDD's

    Hi, I've been looking at the site waiting for the new Seagate 7200.11 and ES.2 drives to become available. The ES.2 (500GB 32mb cache) will apparently cost £121.03 and the 7200.11 (500GB 32mb cache) will cost £118.68. As you can see, there will not be much difference in price. The obvious question is why should I not buy the ES.2 with its promise of greater reliability? What are a few pounds here and there when considering the retention of data? Which ever disk I buy will be used in a typical desktop setup, ie. not a server. Using the previous generation of Seagate disks 7200.10 and ES as an indication of what the latest versions might be like, is there any reason not to buy the ES.2. Is it likely to create more noise? Would it be slower in a desktop situation compared to the 7200.11? I would be grateful for any advice you may have. Many thanks.
  6. Hi, I would welcome recommendations for buying Data Recovery software. It should do much more than just recover accidentally deleted files. A bit of searching on the web has brought up so many pieces of software it's very, very difficult to know which ones really cut the mustard and are worth having. Some time ago I bought GRC's SpinRite v6 and on a couple of occasions it has got be out of a hole. But sometimes even SpinRite fails to get a PC to boot and it’s time to concentrate on recovering data. Perhaps I wrong, but I prefer the type of recovery software that boots from a CD and then stores any recovered files out to an external USB hard drive. This seems the easiest way to do things. Ontracks's EasyRecovery Professional would appear to be one of the best; it's certainly one of the most expensive, much too expensive for me. Prosoft Engineering's RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC and O&O Software's RescueBox V4 are two more options, but there are dozens of others… Any personal experience would be very welcome. Many thanks.
  7. StephenX

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    The review of the 7200.8 by the UK computer magazine 'PCPro' was very positive. PCPro Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 Review Comments anyone?