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    Hitachi T7K250 160vs250GB

    You might start by looking here--
  2. lrtrees

    New 250Gb sata hdd

    I would like to purchase a new 250Gb sata hdd. I have looked at the Hitachi T model, but would like to know what you think. Is this a good choice or might there be a better way to go? Sorry if this has already been addressed, but I could not see it and felt this forum, Storage Review, would be the best place to ask. I cannot really afford the new high performance drives, but would like to get the best I can in the range I am looking at. Thank-you, Lon
  3. I would also like to give a big thumbs up to this project, if taken on. As others have said, I am also not in a position to purchase the cutting edge, but I would really like somewhere to be able to obtain real information on products I am interested in!! Thanks for considering this Eugene. Lon
  4. lrtrees

    ? Concerning Hitachi HDD.

    pooh, you are correct and that is why I posed the question. I suppose that the 400-500G drive is the better way to go, but I can't really justify the additional cost for what I am using it for. I have looked for reviews, but have been unable to find much of anything. So I am in hopes that some of the good people here will comment, either on this drive or another in this capacity size group.
  5. I hope I am not out of line with my question here. I want to install a new 250G hdd and have been concidering, amoung others, the T7K250 Hitachi hdd. After eading through the reviews here it would appear as thought the 500G version is the one currently to beat. But what does that say about the 250G version? Is it a whole different beast? I am looking for a SATA drive to be mated to a ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe mb. It will be used for gaming, surfing and some digital photography. Your help and/or suggestion are appreciated. Thanks, Lon
  6. lrtrees

    I Want A New Hard Drive!

    The ASUS P4C800-E dlx mb, as you stated, does have the usual pri/sec IDE connectors. There are also 4 SATA connectors on the mb. Two of them are handled by the onboard Promise controller. The other two are handled by the intel ICH5R controller and are listed in the BIOS as the third and fourth IDE devices. If I am misunderstanding something here, someone please set me straight!! Thanks, Lon I do see one problem, you cannot install a SATA HD on an IDE channel. The two connectors (SATA, IDE) are very different. When buying your HD you have to specify either a SATA or IDE. There are IDE->SATA converters, but I don't think there exists a SATA->IDE converter. Your MB or a plug-in controller card has to be able to support SATA for you to connect it. Most MB have only 2 IDE channels (4 IDE connections), so if you have 2 DVDs as masters then your MB better have a SATA port that you can boot off @Derek Baker It might have something to do with that i had them in an unventilated case with temps reaching >60C, but nevertheless it was when WD had put their waranty to 1 year, so I had my IBM Deathstars that were still under guarentee when my WD went belly-up! So i am slanted agaist them for that reason as well. For me Seagate is standing behind their products for 5 years, if WD is only offering 3 I would like to know why, is it to save money or because they think their products don't usually last 5 years? 201038[/snapback]
  7. lrtrees

    I Want A New Hard Drive!

    It would seem I need to proof read my posts alittle better. I am looking for a SATA drive to install on the third IDE channel, which on this mb I believe is handled by the intel ICH5R controller. I have two dvd-rw's that I plan on installing, each as master on it's own channel. I am also using XP Pro sp2 if that makes any difference. Thanks again, Lon
  8. lrtrees

    I Want A New Hard Drive!

    Yes, your are correct. 1Gig of ram.
  9. Hi, I am new here so please do not flame me to bad, even if I deserve it. I have been trying to do some research before I purchase a new hdd. I have read through alot of the threads here and find myself still very confused. I believe I have narrowed my choices down to the Seagate 7200.8 250G or the Maxtor 16M 250G hdd. I had pretty much decided on the Seagate, but then I read about them making a constant noise when in idle mode and about some of them running pretty hot. So then I look at the Maxtors and read about suspect reliability amoung several other things. So, as I said I am still very confused. I will be installing this drive on a ASUS P4C800-E dlx mb with 1M of ram and a P4 3.0E processor. If you have any help or suggestions I would really appreciate it. Also, are there any other good sources of information on the web I could go to? Thanks, Lon