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  1. So i finally bought it. It's very noisy when powered on the first time, then when the batteries are fully charged the fans lower their speed a little, but they are still too noisy for me. Way too noisy, and i won't be able to let it run this way (it's sitting near my desktop with my computers, built only with quiet parts). I saw the fans inside were common 12V 80*25mm, so i'm wondering if there is a way to replace them for quieter ones without harming the UPS ? I don't know the cooling needs of this UPS, but as i already have a 100% fanless APC SMT750I line interactive i think it could be possible. Also the output air is still pretty cold. On the other hand i really don't want to destroy anything by modding the inside or by making it overheat in case of insufficient cooling/higher load... What can i do ?
  2. By low speed you mean it's really quiet ? Does the fan speed up with the load ?
  3. Have you checked ? I'm still hesitating (there's a 10% rebate on a nearby shop for a few day left on the eaton stuff) I'll need one but i don't want it to ruin all the effort i put into building quiet desktop & servers... Here i read: Here i also found some pieces of information : Here i read: and But that's with the fans at full speed. I also asked Eaton and Brian (thanks to him) answered me :
  4. How is the noise level ? I know that the fans works at full speed when battery operation (charging/discharging) and perhaps when the load is high, but how is it in normal operation ?
  5. Mastaba

    About Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL) on WD

    Thanks! I also wondered what were these AV drives ?
  6. Mastaba

    About Preemptive Wear Leveling (PWL) on WD

    You mean normal hdd makes their head touching the disk surface during spin up/down ???
  7. I bought a WD20EARX that make a spinup buzzing sound regularly, can i use wdidle3 to fix it ? This model isn' t in the WD compatibility list.
  8. Mastaba

    My 60TB Build Log

    Hi, i' m very interested with your project as i plan to build the same type of setup. Don' t know what type of card to buy (1280ML, 1880ix ?) I think of a single 24*3TB RAID6 with 6*EX36B LianLi, but a little afraid of the limited room between card and hdd racks, here are some pics found on the web: (last one is a ARC-1170) Perhaps i should use other hdd backplane, but i don' t want them to be noisy (too many have 40/80mm and the LianLi racks comes with 120mm fans), any advices ?
  9. Mastaba

    Lian Li PC-A77: 12TB Built out right

    Yeah, that was my problem with this type of case, plenty of hdd racks available but awful cooling... I saw newer Vxxxx revision has more 120mm fans, one at the second hdd row (the hotspot) & another on top corner (another hotspot, where all the heat from mobo/CPUs accumulate) Some drives are near 60°C (on first hotpost) even with the 120*38mm panaflo (and i removed the front blackice), now i leave it open all the time with a big desk fan for hdd cooling.. I' m thinking of replacing my V2100 with this wonderful A77 (and/or the 7200.8 by cooler WDGPs)
  10. Mastaba

    Lian Li PC-A77: 12TB Built out right

    Thanks ! I' m planning to build a small 24/7 homeserver like that but with 8/12*1TB 5400RPM & E4400+ same mobo, i was looking for the stacker but this A77 seems to be the perfect case. Not for the card/hdds, but more with the total capacity of the array vs non-recoverable errors, like comments on this 19TB rig.
  11. Mastaba

    Lian Li PC-A77: 12TB Built out right

    Awesome ! What' s the CPU/mobo/system ? What' s the : -noise ? (except the raptors) -heat ? -power consumption ? Is the hotspare really needed with RAID 6 ? About the 3*raptors, is it a home made rack or a rack for LianLi PC343 ? Isn' t it too dangerous having such a big array ? I heard stuff about data corruption of very large arrays.
  12. Mastaba

    Avoiding resonance: how?

    interested in making a silent 8*WD GP RAID in a Stacker 810, what racks do you use ? Standard 4-in-3 Coolermaster ones ? Does the blue dampeners works well ?
  13. green power & 7200RPM ?
  14. Mastaba

    Need opinions on choice of RAID

    Why, big drives fails more than small ones ?? There is 2 "partity drives" in each case.