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    Samsung SpinPoint T166

    Why does the T166 get the nod over the Hitachi T7K500? The T166 is more expensive than the T7K500, and slower in every test. The *only* thing it wins is noise. I don't get it.
  2. unhappy_mage

    No quality SATA cards that support port multipliers?

    Because if they supported port multipliers, they'd have no differentiation between their larger and smaller cards, and nobody would buy the larger ones.
  3. unhappy_mage

    Apparently "I in VIP club"?

    Hi guys, I just got an email from "webmaster@storagereview.com" as follows: The link for "download vip toolbar" looks a little sketchy. I have "recieve email from other members" turned off in user CP; how'd they get my email address? The whole thing looks bad.
  4. unhappy_mage

    Seagate Cheetah 15K.5

    I want a plethora!
  5. Maxtor 6v300f0s are diamondmax 10s. According to some talks with Maxtor tech support, these may have the same problems as WD SE drives; the Maxline IIIs have corrected this. "Selectable Command Timeout" is the magic word here, rather than TLER. The original DM10s may also have this feature, but that's a whole other bag o' worms.
  6. unhappy_mage

    Western Digital Raptor WD1500

    I wondered about this too. Also, where's the "two new raptors in raid 0" graph? I mean, otherwise it's comparing apples to oranges. You can't assert that just because the older raptors don't gain anything from raid 0, the new ones don't either.