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    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    > Further, in desktop usage, the 7K250 even seriously challenges the > performance pulled off by WD's 10K Raptor. > > CK And probably wouldn't only challenge, but significantly surpass it it wasn't for the mediocre access time.. Have to wonder how the 12.1ms access time can be described as impressive ("Hitachi's drive turns in an impressive access time of just 12.1 milliseconds."). There's still an Fireball Plus LM spinning in one of my servers (lower access time), and a Maxtor D740X in another (only very sligthly higher access time): Quantum Fireball Plus LM, April 2000, 11.5ms access time. ( Maxtor DiamondMax D740X, October 2001, 12.2ms access time. ( Sure, the trend has been towards higher STR and higher access times lately, but it still doesn't feel like correct to talk about impressive access times, when it has gone worse lately among _all_ the manufacturers/drives "in their class". And yes I know the current drives perform better than the 3.5 year old fireball or 2 year old D740X, but their access times have gone backwards (probably due to physics and compulsion for maximum capacities) which hinders getting even better performance out of them.
  2. kmoso

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    ..all are different from mine, which one do I own? The lowest STR according to the review was above 53/33 MB/sec. My drive only runs at 50/25MB/sec. Doesn't fit into the SR measured categories in any way. Also, I only get 11 points in h2benchw, against 15 measured in this article Any ideas? This is model 6Y120P0, 120GB, 8MB cache, bought last december. Measured on both Epox 8KHA+ (VIA KT266A, Windows 2000/Linux, Athlon 1800+) and Epox 8RDA+ (Nvidia Nforce2, Windows XP, Athlon 2400+), no differences due to platform. Kimmo