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  1. Cheap 5-bay eSATA DAS

    OPTION 1 If you want a StorageTower with 5 disks AND PortMultiplier back-end check thisone: This one has space for 4 disks with brackets or with use of HOTSWAP units, with space up ta 6 disks hotswap units: 3 bay 4 bay 5 bay smaller with PM support (PM support max of 5 disk, bud place in this Tower is 4 disks NO HOT SWAP units possible) eSATA or eSATA to SATA cables SATA Port Multiplier SATA Port Multiplier to connect up to 5 SATA/SATA II hard drives†to computer as via 1 eSATA port (require a PM compatible SATA controller). Can be configured as RAID 1, 0, 1+0, RAID 5, JBOD or as individual drive. SATA hardware Port Multiplier SATA hardware Port Multiplier to connect up to 5 SATA/SATA II hard drives to computer via ANY eSATA port (requires eSATA to USB 2.0 adapter, AAU2ESA, for one time configeration). Can be configure as RAID 1, 0, 1+0, JBOD or as individual drive. OPTION 2 Buy just a SATA -> eSATA cables
  2. New areca SAS-PCIe raid

    1680LP Small Profile and 256MB on-board DDR2-533 SDRAM with ECC protection 1680FP Full Profile and One 240-pin DDR2-533 DIMM socket with default 256MB of SDRAM with ECC protection, upgrade to 2GB
  3. New areca SAS-PCIe raid

    Update: New (right) pictures and the specs, expected stock around may 2007.
  4. New areca SAS-PCIe raid

    De controller on the picture is a: ARC-8200 Fibre to SAS External RAID Controller
  5. New areca SAS-PCIe raid

    Yes, I confirm the picture is wrong!! See roadmap page 30, still no picture there yet ;-(
  6. I think the 3Ware card didt not work in a 33Mhz PCI, check if your slot is running at 33Mhz. Or if this is the case, some older motherboards do not give 3.3V even the 3.3v nok/space is present and the card expecting 3.3v and do not work on 5V. Specs: • PCI-X 1.0b (and PCI 2.3) compliant 64-bit/133/100/66MHz bus master • Power Requirements 3.5 –10 W @ 3.3 V (depending on configuration)
  7. Some pictures of the RAIDCore BC5550 (8x SAS, RAID, PCI-E x8) Still no official release date...
  8. Areca ARC-1160 & Seagate 7200.8

    You can use the expensive Areca ECC memory or the cheaper NON ECC memory like: Kingston SO-DIMM 200 Pins PC2700 333Mhz 1Gb tested and ok OCZ SO-DIMM 200 Pins PC2700 333Mhz 1Gb tested and ok Infineon SO-DIMM 200 Pins PC2700 333Mhz 1Gb tested and ok
  9. Areca ARC-1160 & Seagate 7200.8

    We test Infineon and OCZ Modules 512MB and 1GB and both are non ECC and will work with Areca.
  10. Areca ARC-1160 & Seagate 7200.8

    Yes, I'm John From WebConneXXion. I read also your France reply on the France Forum, Thanks for that.!! What drives are you plan to buy..??
  11. Areca ARC-1160 & Seagate 7200.8

    Hi Mastaba, Is your controller already arrived..?
  12. The price in Europe wil be around 1.029,00 Euro ex.TAX.
  13. Are this end user prices? with or without TAX?
  14. No, I'm sorry...Areca promised me to tell it on CeBIT..!!! I'll be back..!!
  15. Yes, you right, they have released both ARC-1160 and ARC-1260 already. The ARC-1170 and ARC-1270 will be released (they told me) on the CeBIT next week.So if I have any news I'll be back..!!