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    Won't This Do The Trick?

    i bought this one quite a while ago, and it works great for me. no need to spend a bunch of money on U320 RAID card if you're going to run a single drive.
  2. i bought 2 and they both had 3 year warrantys.
  3. felix88

    Measuring PCI throughput?

    you can click(right or left, i don't remember) on the bar graph in hard drive tach, and drag it over. you can see the actual burst speed. and i've been eyeing that pc geiger thing. very, very cool little gadget.
  4. the seagate cuda V is supposed to be SATA from the ground up. unfortunatly, nobody has them yet. keep checking www.cdw.com as they have them listed.
  5. felix88

    What's the Best FREE On-line Fantasy RPG?

    i generally stay away from games with a montly charge. i don't like spending ever more money on a game(remember when games used to be $20 NEW?) just to pay $10 a month so i can play it.
  6. felix88

    anyone here run folding @ home?

    ok, i recognized some of the member names. basically i'm just trying to get some more people folding for our team(if you couldn't already tell). maybe i'll just let it be.
  7. felix88

    anyone here run folding @ home?

    yeah, i saw that one. i clicked the link and it didn't take me here. it isn't directly related to this forum is it?
  8. felix88

    anyone here run folding @ home?

    um, ok. i guess thats a no. oh well.
  9. felix88

    anyone here run folding @ home?

    hmm, can't edit posts in this forum. strange. anyway, i thought i'd just post a link to their forums. they've got a lotta good info there. www.xtremesystems.org/forums once again, thanks for your time
  10. just doing a quick check here. if you do fold, what team do you fold for? if you don't fold, don't fold for a specific team, or don't like the team you are currently folding for, you should check out www.xtremesystems.org. anyway, in my opinion everyone should be folding(even if it's not for my team :wink: ), it doesn't hurt anybody and it might do some good for the world. thanks for your time andy
  11. felix88

    WD 1200JB platter sizes?

    thanks Jan Kivar! i couldn't seem to find it with the search function. i guess i didn't try hard enough. :roll:
  12. i've heard that WD now makes 2 versions of the 1200JB drive. one with 3 40 gig platters and a newer version with 2 60 gig platters. is there any way to tell the 2 drive apart? (i.e. serial number, manufacture date) thanks for your replys andy
  13. felix88

    IDE server harddrive

    hopefully you aren't planning on running raid with the cuda IV. unless you contact seagate and ask for the drives with the raid specific firmware, the preformance of the array will be pretty bad.
  14. you can boot xp and 2k from a dynamic disk. linux and 9x don't work from a dynamic i believe. try checking out the thread posted above. there are some fixes for xp listed. sometimes they even get most of the preformance back. here are my hdtach and atto of the same drive and controller card.
  15. my 16x pioneer slot loader seems to read everything ok.