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  1. Has anyone played with these yet? i am interested in the future array expansion options etc. looks like a great card, but i too doubt promise's integrity... too many failed raid cards to trust em...
  2. yeah, i agree... but can you trust it?
  3. Ive got the 3ware 7506-4 (4 pata ports) with the wd 120gb 8mb cache drives... its... well its slow but at least its redundant in raid 5 with hardware parity. its in a 32 bit slot on an asus a7v266. i think the bus speed may be the issue but its not the fastest thing ive seen. what tools should i be using to test speeds?
  4. Alives

    WD Updates Firmware Code for Raptor, Again!

    so would it be a good idea to just rma my drive and get a new one?