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  1. Hi, any suggestions where I can find answers to the following questions? * Who knows something about the changed housingmaterial from Sumitomo? When and how did they change the composition? What did they approve after recognising these affects? Who knows something more about the reason of this bad reliability? * Who knows something more about the failure rates? What is an correct suspected range? What did other companies trace? Raises the failure rate in summertime and humid month? * Which companies are involved in this problem? What are you going to do for getting back your qualitycosts? Background (as I'm informed): There exists problems with the reliability and the failure rates of the hard disks MPG3xxx from Fujitsu. There are failure rates up to 86%. The Reason is the the housingmaterial of the controllerchip. The compound of the material was changed (improvement of the properties against fire). It was added phosphor (as I´m informed). We´re manufactures of industrial PC and also had used the MPG3xx-HDD. After a period especially in summertime die fault rate from field of our IPC rises up to 15% peak from productiondate HDD march01 and there are peaks up to 70% at single customers. Fujitsu told us they recognised a suspected range of HDD from productiondate 9/00 to 3/01. Greetings + Thanks in advance Tayula