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  1. MLC AND SLC? well that would certainly complicate the matter of programming. And probably make at least a 2-Channel Controller necessary. But anyway. There's pictures on the net of disassembled / dismantled OCZ Core 128GB. There's only one type of Chips on the board. Samsung MLC Flash Chips.
  2. BLJ

    Dual-Core Processors

    uhmm? Hypertransport on Dual-Core Amd CPUs will have lot of bandwith, so that it should not have a big influence on the performance. Anyway... Intels actual 'Dual-Core' technic is actually technically the same as on Dual-Xeon Boards. Except that you don't have to have 2 sockets. So IMHO this is not really a 'big' change in technology (or technology leadersip). on AMDs side, this is going to be slightly different. They did not only put 2 cores together on one die, no, they do share L2 Cache, what has several advantages. On AMDs side there's also NUMA. The two AMD Opteron/Athlon64 on one die AFAIR communicate together through an HT-Link. But not the external, for sure. NUMA runs also trough this. If you look at 'older' NUMA Benchmarks with 4 Opterons, you can see a Memory Bandwith increase from about 7000MB/s to >20000MB/s! that was with 'external' HT-Link... with internal the distance is lower, thus allowing decreased latencies. And... it doesn't stress the 'external' HT-Link. Then there's the power consumption, too. Pentium EX with Dualcore 3.2GhZ (incl. HT) has got a TDP of 130Watt, meaning a Top of 172 1/3 Watt. Woohoo... new world record i suppose it could be even higher. if the Pentium EX consists of 2 'low power' 82Watt TDP 3.2 Pentium 4 (HT), then it could reach >200Watt... AMDs Opteron Dualcore CPUs will be about 100Watt max. AMDs Athlon64 Dualcore CPUs will be lower. Winchester are currently at 40Watt max, putting two of them together would result in approx. 75Watt... and , AFAIR, there will be a 50Watt Version for Opteron Dualcore, too. On the really 'big' machines (like crays 'red storm' project) power consumption is a major criteria. cya
  3. BLJ

    SATA PCI-E controller and SLI Mobos

    Is SATA-II downward compatible to SATA-I? The Areca card you wanna use is a SATA-II controler, and I guess your Maxtors are SATA-I drives. 198860[/snapback] yes, it is (normally)... SATA II Controller and SATA I HDD with NCQ should work fine (NCQ enabled/disabled, both) cya
  4. BLJ

    True or False ?

    AFAIK would a Low-level format search for defective sectors and 'disable' them. So that would shrink the capacitiy. So, in one way or another, it would be possible, that the capacity is shrinking, not? but i do not think, that's the issue here... 1 to 2 Gbytes would be veryvery much defective sectors^^ ... cya
  5. BLJ

    SATA PCI-E controller and SLI Mobos

    I think this his not right. I received a pdf from Areca regarding PCI-E here it is as you can see the compatibility matrix differs a lot from the one you suggested. In the same PDF is clarified well the compatibility concept of pci-e, in term of form-factor and in term of number of lanes. I quote "-Down-plugging, i.e., plugging a larger linkLink card into a smaller linkLink connector, is not allowed and is physically prevented. - Up-plugging, i.e., plugging a smaller linkLink card into a larger linkLink connector, is fully allowed. - Down-shifting, which is defined as plugging a PCI Express card into a connector that is not fully routed for all of the PCI Express lanes, in general is not allowed. The exception is the x8 connector which the system designer may choose to route only the first four PCI Express lanes. A x8 card functions as a x4 card in this scenario." I think the last implementation is what they mean with the "x4 PCI-e compatibility" they stated in their site for arc-1220. This doesn't mean however that it will work in a SLI configuration, but the question is not about the possibility of a PCI-e 8x card to work in a 16x form factor with 8x lanes. This is not a problem. Th problem is: do the jumpers on the mb define the 8x + 8x lane distribution or it is due to the bridge connecting two SLI video card. My video card only boots in the central slot, once the mb is been set to SLI mode. why not in the "external". Are the 16 lanes in the central slot only even in this mode, waiting for the bridge to split?.... need to contact DFI... 198847[/snapback] HiHo! it(2x 8x lanes) works with the DFI NON SLI MoBO for sure. take a look here and here cya