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    Abit Ic7-max3 : Worth The Money ?

    Floppy connection is way down there, I've been interested in the voltage adjustments offered on the Epox board. My Abit undervolts everthing, ram, cpu, and vid card, so I planning on a different brand this time unless Abit fixes this issue. I volt modded my cpu using a wire but that is really scary for me since my money supply is limited.
  2. kbird

    Abit Ic7-max3 : Worth The Money ?

    My Webpage I've been looking at this one along with the Abit and Asus boards. Hope your really confused now
  3. Ok this is what I've done, moved each drive to each connection on the cable. Using only one drive at time I would attach it to the first connection and it would read as a 160 drive, then turn off comp and attach it to the last connection and it would read as 40mb on 8bit bus? The IBM and Quantum drives had exactly the same result, so do I need to order a new cable?
  4. WinCC No the drive is on the same 160 cable as the UltraStar. Before the move the Atlas was ID2 or 3. I just hope no hardware failure has happened because I have NO MONEY LEFT IN THE BANK LOL.
  5. Thanks for your reply In the Adaptec utility everything is set to default settings, and the transfer rates all say 160. I just pressed the F6 key in the utility, which sets everything to default. Is that what your asking for? I hope my post didn't sound like I know anything about SCSI because I don't So please have patience Oh and I'm at work so I can't really tell you any more until after lunch which is about 3 hours from this post. Karl
  6. Last night my Atlas V during a reboot showed on the bios screen that it synced up at 40Mb and an 8bit bus, this in turn got me swapping jumpers and playing around which made things worse. So now I need your help so please tell me exactly the configuration I need to set it up the right way. System Windows XP pro Abit Th7II 512 Rambus P4 1.6a Adaptec 29160 updated software and drivers IBM UltraStar 10000 Quantum Atlas V 7200 The UltraStar is my boot drive and the Atlas is the data drive. My UltraStar has its jumper setting to ID0 and the Atlas jumper is set to reserved, the UltraStar is the first in line after the adapter(or should it be last in line?) and the Atlas is connected just before the terminator. Should the boot drive be right before the termination or the data drive? What ID should I give the Atlas because for some reason it is now the boot drive should it be set to ID 1 or 2? On a LVD ultra160 the set up manual termination is not needed, is that correct? The cable does it for you? My cable is connected to the Ultra160 channel on the Adaptec 29160 I'm still not sure why my Atlas V all of a sudden decided to go to 40Mb on the bios splash screen after 2 years of running perfectly at 160mb as a data drive? The only change is a move to a new room and I have no idea why it doesn't like its new home. I have checked and rechecked every connection to my drives so please don't suggest that as a fix Sorry for all the question, but if I don't fix this thing during lunch today I may miss an important gaming match tonight. Thanks Karl
  7. kbird

    IBM (Hitachi) is messing with me...

    Well Hitachi shipped my replacement drive Feb 5th so I can't complain now.
  8. kbird

    XP service pack 1a?

    Oops, I remember reading that somewhere now. Thanks for the clarification SteveC.
  9. kbird

    XP service pack 1a?

    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/dow...sp1/sp1lang.asp forgot link :oops:
  10. My SCSI hard drive is in RMA mode right now, but I was curious if anyone has installed the new service pack and seen SCSI improvements. Thanks
  11. kbird

    IBM (Hitachi) is messing with me...

    This is not what I wanted to read today. I also have a IBM Ultrastar RMA with Hitachi. Mine arrived January 28th I sure hope your situation is not the norm 8O I called this morning and the girl said check the web site. I asked to speak with someone else regarding my drive, and she replied they would have the same information I have. Try finding out what the old dude's name is on the Hitachi web site, I bet he can help us :roll: Good Luck
  12. kbird

    Adaptec SCSI & High FSB

    My SCSI 29160 is running at 37.5 on a TH7II. No problems so far, it's been about 2 months.
  13. Thank you Cobos you helped me out. I'm sure if I would read a little more I could understand this but, you guys are much faster.
  14. I'm complaining just a little, though my Photoshop and CorelDraw are much faster loading and rendering I'm still left a little dissappointed from the whole SCSI scene. Just about anyone can learn how to get everything running if they try hard enough, but my knowledge is very limited on the facts and myths of SCSI. My first question about SCSI is will we every see 160mb transfers? By we I mean you and me not some IBM server at NASA. Does this really mean 1.6gigs in 10 seconds? Would Windows 95 give me these speeds (joke) or is it? My Atto scores average about 30mb writes and 35mb reads. What the hell does Ultra 160 mean anyway? Will I ever see true Ultra 160 speeds? Please enlighten me. I am totally mixed up after reading several articles. Sorry for all the questions, but here's one more. Why do I see people talking about capped systems. How are they capped? :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Don't get me wrong I love my system and my SCSI setup, just a little disappointed, or should I not be its definitely faster than my ATA100 drives? One more question, my system will it every see 160mb speeds with new XP service packs? I'm really confused now. XP SP1 Abit Th7II p4 1.6a at 2320 512 Rambus Adaptec 29160 Ultrastar 36LZX Atlas V Geforce 3 TurtleBeach SC
  15. Well if you can stand reinstalling windows again, try just the controller and vid card, and use the second pci slot. I have the same card and hard drive, but my mainboard is an Abit Th7 II. After the install put all other cards in the last slots starting with sound or lan. First test the 29160 before this and make sure its not sharing. It really sounds like a sharing problem to me. I'm not that experienced in IRQ sharing, but your board may allow some sort of assigning, but xp has a mind of its own when it come to this problem. I feel your pain bro, Good Luck. I almost gave up myself, and a WD 8cache drive is speedy:)