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  1. Right now my RAID 0 (Highpoint HPT2300) of 4 Samsung 250GB SATA-II on Vista Ultimate has a problem. The BIOS identifies the drives, but they don't show up in the windows Disk manager. After that I looked the smart stats and one of the drives states: Reallocated Sector CT Threshold=10 Value=1 Worst=1 Status=FAILED I don't really care about losing the drive, but just right now I was going to copy all data. So I have a spare 1TB drive, but because of this failure, I can't copy the data (BTW just 30min ago the drive was working fine - it changed after rebooting). I have a copy of most of the data (over 90%), but I really would like to recover the other 10%. Can someone please help me out? p.d. I didn't try, but would it be possible to change the RAID 0 for a JBOD right now?
  2. patrick_

    Mayor file problem

    I moved lots of files from my internal harddisk to my external Scythe 2 USB. I've reinstalled windows, and now when I try to access (read, copy) some of the files I get this message: "Can't access I:\Blue Seed. The file or damaged directory this or is ilegible." This happened when opening the folder using the explorer, and also when opening some of the files. Most of the files are fine. It is impossible to delete the files/folders that can't be accessed. When using scandisk I get this message "Windows could not complete the disc verification." Does anyone know why this may have happened, and more important now, how can I restore these files/folders. Thanks in advance.
  3. patrick_

    Maximum number of harddisks

    I have a full tower (lian-li pc-70) so there's space for a 2nd psu, but is there any normal way to start it? I know you can manually short-circuit the ground to do so, so i can connect ground of one psu with the other, but is that a good way? BTW all drives are Samsung (6x SATA2-250GB, 2xSATA2-400GB, 1xIDE-300GB)
  4. patrick_

    Maximum number of harddisks

    Thank you all, I'll try the staggerd spin-up. and if it doesn't work I guess I'll buy a BeQuiet or OCZ PSU. <-probably BeQuiet because I don't have to buy them on-line and they have a lot (8) of SATA connectors. specification: 600W: +3,3V: 28A, +5V: 40A, +12V1: 20A, +12V2: 20A, -5V: 0,5A, -12V: 0,8A, +5VSB: 2,5A 750W: +3,3V: 24A, +5V: 35A, +12V1: 20A, +12V2: 20A, +12V3: 20A, +12V4: 20A, -12V: 0,8A, +5VSB: 3A
  5. patrick_

    Maximum number of harddisks

    Thank you all for helping!! - So how much ROM does a regular mobo have and how much does it need for each drive or controller? - buying a new PSU will solve the problems? I don't care to do so, because I'm going to build a HTPC and this one is perfect for that. For a regular pc I think it's better to have a fan. - Can I suppose that a brand PSU with 10 SATA connectors can handle 10 drives? - staggered spin-up also solves all problems? -HPT supports it
  6. patrick_

    Maximum number of harddisks

    correct: Yesico 550W PSU
  7. patrick_

    Maximum number of harddisks

    I have a Yesico 500W PSU. - You may not know this brand, it's German and known to be one-of-the best PSU. (no cheap stuff - about $250 - it's fanless) A 500W psu can handle way more than a FX-60 + X1900XT + SB-Elite + 4x1GB RAM +9HD+DVD. also I don't think that neither the cpu nor the gpu use over 100W each at boot Highpoint allows spining one after another, but to make the computer boot, I do not have to disconnect any power cables, just one sata data cable.
  8. What's the maximum number of harddisks a computer can handle? I thought there's no limit, but my Abit AN8-32X with Highpoint RocketRAID2300 has a real hard time booting with 9 drives. That is it's unable to cold boot with all drives connected: 2drive RAID0 nForce, single drive nForce, single drive IDE, single drive SI3132, 4drive RAID0 HPT. (+1IDE DVD-RW) I have to disconnect the single nForce drive, hot plug it in windows to make everything work, after that I can reboot without too much trouble, except that I have to press [end] key in the HPT boot screen (support suggested this, without no booting). nForce SATA can't handle another drive (no booting). Now I'm sick of all this and I can do two things: - but another HPT2300 but I'm not sure if there will be any problems - change mobo - but than I have to change 4GB RAM to DDR2 and a new CPU (have a FX60). HPT support said it's because the mobo runs out of memory. -How can I know before buying, the amount of hd a mobo supports? -Is there any limit on add-in cards? -Has this ever happened to someone else?
  9. The name of the shared resource is in (right mouse button on drive) Properties - Shared It has nothing to do with the drive's label.
  10. patrick_

    Highpoint RocketRAID 2300 + SiI3132

    The problem is not if it is bootable. I'm booting from a PATA (300GB Samsung) HD. The problem is that if drives are connected to both the Highpoint AND the SiI3132 (on-board) the computer won't boot. It just "hangs" right after initializing the SiI drives. So boot order shouldn't affect, but is fine.
  11. Changing DPI should change everything. Anything that isn't scaled, is an error of the program that isn't being scaled. There's nothing you can do about that. BTW I have DPI at 120% and works great (19" @ 1600x1200 to maintain 4:3 aspect ratio). If you just bought the 17" LCD, my recommendation is to change it for a 19". I've had both and the difference is huge (price difference is little). 19" LCD is also 1280x1024.
  12. Does anyone know why it is impossible to boot with a Highpoint RocketRAID 2300 and a SiI3132? If both have harddrives connected, it is impossible to boot. That is it pass the bios check, harddrive check, but will never try to boot from a drive (neither hd, nor cd). Tried with SiI3132 in RAID and non raid mode. I don't think it matters, but just in case, I'm using Samsung 250GB harddrives. Thanks in advance.
  13. patrick_

    Vista Installation

    Never heard that it's in violation with the EULA. The tool to modify XP Pro's installation in on the disc. I don't use it because it only allow some modification and so I have my own tool. Anyways, it's the only way to install on SATA (on XP) without diskette. Also all updates can be slipstreamed; there's no other use for that than modified installs. I thought everyone uses modified installs to setup their computers.
  14. patrick_

    Vista Installation

    I haven't tried Vista yet, so I'm wondering, can a user customize installation? That is can you customize the installation from the original DVD? In WinXP you have to make your own disk to customize, because none is allowed during installation. In 98 you could select any programs you need (and don't). Personally I think it's annoying that you first have to install the basics and after that have to remove anything you don't need. Not even talking about that it's impossible to remove mediaplayer after installation.
  15. patrick_

    Mainboard (core 2 duo)

    The problem is that the graphics card is touching the sound card. If I remove the sound card, everything works fine. The case is proper ventilated and there's no space to put a fan between the sound and video card. I put a little piece of foam between both so they don't touch which helped a little, but with very intensive 3D games, the problem stays. (I used to have the problem always when using some minutes 3D graphics mode). Also the sound card is too hot to touch. The problem isn't there when using a X1600Pro passive (has the ventilation at the other side of the card, so there's space between the sound- and graphics card).