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  1. Stereodude

    Storage Review Site Update

    I would be nice to see SR regain some of it's old glory. Oh, and please keep the forum database backed up.
  2. Stereodude

    Women&cars! It'll make you laugh!

    Seems about right...
  3. Stereodude

    who's making 1.8" ?

    Toshiba makes 1.8" I'm not sure about 1". 1.8's get up to 80GB I think.
  4. Stereodude

    Really old members... with really low post counts

    I'm not really here. I am just a figment of your imagination.
  5. Stereodude

    Lost 33 gigas formating my HD

    What OS are you running on the PC? In some versions of Windows you have to manually enable 48bit LBA.
  6. Stereodude

    White LED testing

    I can get you the name of our SSC rep and maybe he can point you in the right direction if he doesn't handle NYC for SSC.
  7. Stereodude

    Lost 33 gigas formating my HD

    Sounds like you don't have LBA48 enabled.
  8. Where does something like a WD3200SB fall? I originally bought two of them to use in a [R]AID-0 enviroment, but it looks like they will no longer be used in a RAID array for the next few months, so I'd like to turn off TLER if possible for now. Later I will get another pair and put them in a RAID-5 setup, but it sounds like nothing short of a 3ware controller can use the TLER capability (if it even can).
  9. Stereodude

    CRT lover in jeapordy?

    There are also wide gamut CCFL tubes now that are being put into large TFT televisions made by Samung and Sharp. They cover 92-94% of the NTSC triangle. I'm not sure if they can put those tubes into LCD monitors or not.
  10. Stereodude

    CRT lover in jeapordy?

    Color purity of any display device is typically referred to in terms of NTSC Ratio. There are 3 primary colors defined by the NTSC standard. They form a triangle on a CIE chart. When you plot the primary colors of a LCD or other display you get another triangle. The measurement then defines how much of the NTSC Triangle is covered by the triangle of the measured display device. The dot pitch of any LCD monitor is fixed. It's not going to change or improve for a given panel size/resolution. Every 20" UXGA monitor ever made has the exact same DPI. There are no 7 bit LCD panels. There are 6 and 8 bit LCD panels. The only difference is in the LCD drivers that are attached to the glass. Response time has nothing to do with the number of bits a panel uses. 6 bit panels use a controller that does dithering. When properly implemented it is nearly impossible to see the difference between a 6 bit panel with dithering and an 8 bit panel. Still, more and more panels are coming with 8 bit drivers. Response time is never going to make a CRT lover happy. The problem CRT owners have with motion on LCDs has nothing to do with response time. FYI, panels used to be rated black to white to black, but it was discovered that some LCD panel technologies had very good B to W to B time, but poor grey to grey times, so now grey to grey times are all the rage. The motion "problem" with an LCD is that it is not an impulse display like a CRT. It is a motion hold display. Our brains percieve a motion hold display as being blurry when in fact it is not.
  11. My only question is how the drive knows it's in a non RAID or RAID-0 configuration.
  12. Stereodude

    CRT lover in jeapordy?

    Sorry, but that's incorrect. The color gammut of a LCD monitor has nothing to do with the # of bits the LCD panel uses. The color gammut is a fancy way of talking about the purity of the Red, Blue, and Green primary colors. Most CRT's only cover about 72% of the NTSC ratio, and most LCD panels do the same. LCD panels with LED backlights or wide spectrum CCFL lamps will cover significantly more of the NTSC triangle.
  13. I have two of the WD3200SB, and one of the WD3200JB. They certainly seem very similar, but who knows how different the firmware is and what's inside the casing.
  14. I have a 160gig SATA 7200.9. It really is a single drive with no RAID array, ignore what Windows calls it. I think the crappy Promise Fastrack 376 chip on the mobo is to blame for the less than ideal STR and burst speeds. Here are the results.
  15. Stereodude

    WD's TLER and RAID-0

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... I know... I needed a bunch of space that doesn't have to be that reliable where I can store HDTV footage for short periods of time, so RAID-0 fits the bill nicely. The data will all be backed up on DVD's.