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  1. This is great news even though Sandra is like it is for benchmarking it still proves that it's capable for the Barracuda V to operate in Raid many thanks Itangir btw the raid controller used is it Highpoint 370/372
  2. Ludran

    Seagate Barracuda V and raid 0

    that's great but I like to see facts of it so I guess I have to wait before buying I'm not doing the same mistake as I did when I bought two 80gb Barracuda IV
  3. Ludran

    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    I'm only wondering about one thing and that is if it's as lousy as the barracuda IV in raid thinking about Raid 0 or has seagate fixed this problem with this V model barracuda IV had in fact lower result in raid 0 than as a single drive ! :oops: I saw igorb was wondering too does anyone know maybe you guys should have included that in the test since it's a very common setup does anyone have any info on this ?