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  1. Good job ! But wait ! I'm the (not so) proud owner of 2 raptors 74Gb. The first, dated 09/04, was a 00FLA0 firmware The second, 12/04 was 00FLA1 firmware. I've already found that the 00FLA0 firmware was completely buggy with TCQ enabled. Performance drops to 5400 rpm pio4 drive... Even HDTach shows only a flat 10Mb/sec data transfert rate... the 00FLA1 is not exhibiting this type of problem. I'm trying WDC to exchange both of these HDDs with 00FLC00 Firmware. But it's not very easy... Anyone with a valid S/N for a 00FLC00 Raptor 74Gb to help me get the exchange? TIA
  2. Wanou

    NV RAID0 Performance HORRIBLE

    Security has nothing to do with this. Maybe reliability? And performance isn't equivalent to sustained transfer rate. 214974[/snapback] I've also experienced a lot of problem with NVidia Raid. I finally found out that it was that NVidia has put TCQ/NCQ on by default, and that a few WDC drive does not like it, at all. So, all you have to do is to go to peripherals, NVidia Parallel or Serial ATA Controler depending on your drive, and uncheck the last choice "Enable Command Queuing". You should have good performance after that.
  3. Short answer : no Long answer, no, because, according to WDC Support, there is no way to flash a raptor Firmware. The only solution was to send (at my own expense) the old raptor to get a new one. But with no garanties that it will be with the same FW than the new raptor i already own. Or I should send the 2 to get a matched pair. I already asked for an upgrade, because as a side effect, the 2 raptors have not the same size (There is a difference of 500MB). When you have paid more than 300 Euros in only 146Gb of HDD, you may suppose that you will have a good support. The fact that a Raptor, buyed only 6 months after the first one, was not the same size that the oldest, lead me to deny buying any server based on raptors.
  4. Hi everyone and please excuse my so bad english... I'm the proud owner of 2 raptors, and I passed a very long time with WDC Support team (without a response) to understand today a very special problem: Let's start with the Basis: Mobo K8N-Neo2 Nforce 3 250Gb, 3500+ A64 stock, 1Gb DDR, 1 PATA DVD-Writer and XP SP2. I build the computer a few months ago and did not put the Raptors in Raid, because I wanted to test them a few month. After 6 Months, it was ok, I was sure that both raptors was ok, and so decided to put them in Raid 0. So i ghosted to another PATA disk my boot Raptor, created a Raid 0 32K striped array and ghosted in the other way. Ghost speed was phenomenal, and i was impatient to see XP boot time... Yes. From 55 secondes, I was back to 3 minutes. So i tested with HDTach, and discovered that raw speed was about 20Mb/sec. Bad for a raid0 or raid 1 (i tested both) raptor based array ! Raptor is bad So i booted on my P-ATA, and tested each raptor in 1drive raid0 mode vs standard mode: Raptor 1 (Good, latest) Good Raptor Raptor 2 (Bad, oldest) Bad Raptor To be honest, the French support team from WDC was horrible: she was not aware that it was possible to have a 1drive array, and the only think she said was: "Test your drives with our software For a raid 0 array, there is no need to have the same Firmware on both drive while it is necessary for a raid 1". So I tested different version of the NForce Driver, and found out that the problem was only with the 6.xx version of the driver, and was not in the 5.10 version. So i switched back to 5.10 for the IDE. 2 Raptors It was only 100Mb/sec, but it was better than 20.... As I had a few free moments during my last vacation, I spend a long time on the new version of the driver, including 7.12, to see that it was exactly the same. And finally, i discovered what was going on... For version 6.xx and up, nvidia changed the default behaviour of his RAID driver: TCQ/NCQ is enabled by default. And the oldest Raptor seem to have problems with TCQ enabled. Finally !