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  1. Hi all. I was pointed to this site from another Fourm and like what I have seen so far. I'm looking for a new 250-300GB SATA HDD. I've narrowed my choice down to this Seagate and this WD.. They look almost identical. Noise is not an issue for me and neither is the extra 2 year Warranty on the Segate. I don't plan to keep the drive for more than 3 years anyway. Is there any reason to get the more expensive seagate? This is drive is going to be mostly a home video + audio file storage drive (no editing, just storage), so speed is not of paramont concern. Next up is the NEC ND-3520A DVD burner. This has gotten great reviews at many sites and is one of the cheaper 16x DVD burners at only ~60$. Are these solid choices? It's getting to a point were I'm just going to pick a drive and not worry about getting the absolute best HDD. Thanks.