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  1. Thanks for the advice. Well I believe I have two IDE ports on my motherboard. One is currently being used by my two daisy chained cd players. The other one is being used by my WD 7200 100gb. What would be the recommended configuration? Should I daisy chain the master cd player and master drive on one IDE port and then daisy chain the slave cd player and slave drive on the other port? Thanks.
  2. Hi I'm currently running a WD 100gb 7200 hardrive in my computer and I would like to hook up my old Maxtor 20gb 5400 as an additonal drive. My plan is to use the Maxtor 5400 as a backup drive only. The operating system, etc... will all be on the WD 7200. 1) Is it ok to hook up a 7200 and 5400 drive into the same computer or will the speed of the 7200 slow down? 2) If it is ok to hook this up, then what is the best method of doing so? Just daisy chain the Maxtor and the WD, and set the Maxtor as a slave? All I want to do is simply transfer backups of my important files from the WD to the Maxtor, so I can have duplicate copies of certain files in case my WD ever goes out on me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks