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  1. FSX at max details uses over 1GB of RAM as well.
  2. What's the point of a forum is somebody cannot ask for more opinions? Frank, you have been quoting only the parts that support your theory. I'm not saying that you're wrong all I'm saying is that Intel in the very same document always mentions raid0 when talking about performances. And frankly your attitude is not too friendly, what did I do to you beside asking a few questions? Maybe you're angry with the original poster, bring it up with the moderators.
  3. Uhm, I'm still not convinced on the fact that raid1 would be a smarter approach. Not only half of the disks size would be lost but Intel in their document you linked always mention raid0 when performance is a concern. Anyway, anybody else with real life experience?
  4. Well I guess that makes sense, was thinking that maybe 2x7200 would be just as fast and maybe the limitation would be something else like the bus or the controller itself. I'm not considering Raid5 due to the need of more than 2 disks I was under the impression that Raid0 was the fastest, something confirmed but the FAQ in this site RAID0 Random Read Performance: Very good Random Write Performance: Very good Sequential Read Performance: Very good to excellent Sequential Write Performance: Very good RAID1 Random Read Performance: Good Random Write Performance: Good Sequential Read Performance: Fair Sequential Write Performance: Good Am I missing something? (except reliability which is not too important in this case)
  5. We're purely talking about speed here, so it would be RAID0
  6. EagleDM, thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally somebody with knowledge that comes with a clear explanation. Has anybody found what is the best combination in terms of drives for a matrix raid? 2x raptor 10krpm's or 2x (fill model) 7200rpm's?
  7. peroni

    Bios virus?

    No really, you should listen to yakwakdo, he has given good advice. Nobody paid him to write such an extensive analisys of your problem. Maybe you did a lot of thoughtful investigation of your problem but reading this thread gives the impression like you've randomly tried things without following a logical path. Take for instance when you start blaming ATI (AMD) for releasing buggy software, maybe it is so but your problem has nothing to do with their drivers. Remember you've problems installing XP. Logic is: 1. Bad cdrom media 2. Bad optical drive 3. Bad cable of optical drive or hard disk 4. Bad memory... and so on. Or you could believe the trendmicro support. They're paid to give you an answer, most of the time not the correct one but the one will get you off the phone as soon as possible. Not blaming trendmicro specifically, most support desks are like this. Quantity over quality.
  8. peroni

    Core2 prices

    You forget to mention that most 667 memory overclocks to at least 850MHz Heck if you're going to overclock the cpu why not the memory also? I disagree partially, I know a lot of people that test programs in a virtual environment before installing on their main OS. The extra 2mb of cache will surely help, that's why the upcoming e6350 is looking very promising. I do agree that most motherboards that can reach over 400FSB are on the expensive side, however the gigabyte S3 and the Asus P5B non-deluxe are known to overclock close to FSB500 and cost around 110 euro here in EU. Not too expensive.
  9. peroni

    Core2 prices

    No matter which conroe you'll buy they all top out at around 3.2-3.4GHz without resorting to some fancy cooling system. I have my e6300 at 3.2GHz on an Asus P5B-D with stock cooling. Most if not all P5B's will reach ~450FSB, way more than enough if you get an E6600 Most ddr667 memory sticks reach over ddr800 with a little bit of extra voltage applied. The X6800 is purely a waste of money in my opinion unless you want to break some 3dmark or superpi record... Same goes for memory that sell for more then 200$ per GB, crazy! About the e4300, remember this processor does not have the virtualization technology. For anybody using the likes of virtualpc or parallels this has some performances bonus.
  10. A straight line might also occur if you benchmark only the initial part of the hard disks. Matrix raid fools most bench progs
  11. Sell both Raptors, you can get good money still, mostly because of the long warranty. I sold my 3 years old 2x36GB raptors for nearly the price of a new 74GB Get a new 16mb raptor (either a 74 or if not big enough the 150) and a 400/500 giggers from the WD RE series. Western Digital is way ahead of any other company when it comes to warranty, not only they give 5 years of coverage on the Raptors and RE series but they also allow advanced RMA. Fantastic. Maxtor used to to this as well but not anymore since Seagate took over. All the above applies to EU, in other parts of the world warranty terms might be different.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but from reading info about the intel matrix raid0 you can see that the access time is decreased dramatically. Of course this is purely based on tests made by somebody else on different forums, but I don't see why I should not trust them. Unless they're Intel employees
  13. It won't "surely" do anything. If not done right, it could easily slow things down. What do you mean not done right? It is just a matter of connecting 2 drives, set the bios to RAID mode, create a matrix RAID0 using around 10% of the size of the disks, install xp and the intel raid application. Done. That's it, immediate speed gain because you only using the fastest part of the disks. Of course it is a waste of money not to mention the higher risk of losing the data.
  14. Lol, people seems to get very emotional about RAID0 on this forum. The original poster was referring purely to games and loading times. In this case a matrix raid0 setup with 2 or more disks will surely make things faster. The question whether to go for raptors or not is only down to how much money one can afford to waste. The ideal setup (imho) will be with 2 x 150GB raptors and only using about 2/10th of their size. That would give a superfast 60GB disk. Enough for the OS and a few games. CPU overhead seems to be little and most games are GPU limited anyway.
  15. peroni

    A Tale of 2 300GB 16MB Maxtors

    Sometimes the vibration of the case can affect the access time. If you havent already tried, take them out of the case or try swapping them around.