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    The future of data storage.

    "Coming in at number eighteen..." Glad I got rid of the one I had before in tanked.
  2. No. That post only exists as a screenshot I took at the time. The screenshot was for Eric's post count getting screwed up (he actually had around 4500 at the time). It just happened to capture Clocker's moment in time too. So much has changed since then...
  3. Probably another pint of ale. Or was it Sangria?...No, that's Clocker.
  4. Groltz

    More Gmail Accounts Available

    Thank you B4RSK. I accepted your invitation.
  5. Groltz

    solid state for the people?

    Having spoken to Chris at Cenatek a few months ago, I found out that:
  6. Groltz

    Hypermicro has the 15K.3!!!

    So no Atlas 15K for months, yet? Or would this drive not be considered "third generation"?
  7. Retail Version Condition is excellent. The unit has low cycle time, I used it only for burning CDs. I use a separate CD-Rom drive for reading CDs/listening to music/installing software. Included is: [*] The drive [*] A CD with Plextor Manager 2000, Plextor CD Res Q, Adaptec Direct CD, & Easy CD-Creator on it. [*] Plextor Manager 2000 & Utilities User's book [*] Plextor 12/20/32S Operations book [*] Three 10X CD-RW disks [*] Thirty 700MB 16X CD-R's $120/shipped
  8. Model 6564. Retail version. In original box with CD and paperwork. Is in excellent condition, I am selling it because I upgraded. I am including a separate Thermaltake Crystal Orb with the video card. The stock HSF is mounted. $100 shipped. (in USA) Contact info:
  9. Groltz

    btw - are there any girls here?

    Yep, that's it.
  10. Groltz

    btw - are there any girls here?

    That's it...Who has that picture of Tea that was img'ed a few months ago?
  11. They busted her boyfriend too. Here's a pic:
  12. Not since "Images and Words" was released.
  13. Groltz

    Aircraft maintainance... QUANTAS rulez!

    Very droll, but not accurate. Those fake gripes has been around the industry in one form or another for years. They are not specific to any one airline. People just take the list and fill the airline (or air force, see: "IFF Identification Friend/Foe inoperative") of their choice in the first paragraph. I remember seeing these as early as 1998 or so, and even then they weren't new. ad nauseam
  14. A.C. try here if you want Panaflo's:
  15. In the last year we had a couple of threads in this forum that mentioned Papst fans and also asked where somebody might buy them in the USA. For some time I have searched for a retailer that could sell me a 3412NL. This is a 92mm DC axial fan with ball bearings. It is pushes 35.9cfm and makes only 23 decibels. It is exactly what I wanted for a case exhaust fan since it has a very good CFM:Noise ratio and is made by a high quality manufacturer. Trying to find a US retailer turned out to be very difficult. Neither Allied Electronics or Newark Electronics stocked this model and both were unwilling to special order it for me unless I wanted to buy like a $1000 worth or so. I kept looking and ended up finding Carlton-Bates Co. These guys also did not stock this model but I contacted one of their sales reps and he said he would be able to special order me some without requiring a huge, bulk purchase. The only drawback was that this would require a 12 week lead time. At this point I had found no other way of getting these so I said "lets do it". I ordered 4 of them at $18.29/ea and started waiting. At the 10 week mark I E-mailed the sales rep I had been dealing with to check in and he told me they were on their way and would be in soon. I received the fans today. It ended taking a day more than 13 weeks but this was OK, I was not in a rush. I was happy that the transaction went through with nary a hitch. Anyhow, if anyone is looking to buy Papst fans that can't be found elsewhere, (in the US) I recommend trying Carlton-Bates Co. The guy I dealt with for my order was Matt Braswell. --Steve