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  1. hello folks, i like to build 12 disks array, and i am thinking about getting 3ware 9650se cards. i can go either 12 or 16 ports card, or i can go with two 8 ports cards. both would cost me about same. 8~16 ports cards have same 256mbyte cache & no real difference in hardware other than the different numbers of port in terms of performance, which would be better? how about the management point of view? thanks
  2. i cleaned up my room & there are some zero market value parts are left & i am willing to send anyone who are willing to pay s/h NO RETURN OR REFUND as i stated, they don't have any market values small parts: 6.00usd via usps priority mail flat rate envelope (as much as i can pack) bigger ones: 10.00usd via usps priority flat rate box as much as i can pack available parts edo simm memory modules (i cannot be certain about the size) 4 x 16mb 1 x 8mb 1 x 32mb 1 x original pentium 90 1 x pentium 200 mmx 1 x pentium socket 7 AT board (sunrayII pro evolution) intel HX chip 1 x pentium 3 450 slot-1 100mhz 512kbyte cache w/ heatsink w/0 fan 1 x etherlink3 3com network card (isa bus) 2 x 64bit ecc pc-100 dimm 1 x fast ethernet pci card i have a couple of reference at heatwave or something...if you are interested. NO RETURN OR REFUND as i stated, they don't have any market values email me AND post here (do both as i don't check forum often enough) shimman (at) netzero (dot) com
  3. anyone? btw, what's up with i am getting some trojan warnings everytime i am visiting. anyone having same problem?
  4. hello, well, i have an old pc with via kt133a chipset; unfortunately, when i plug in a usb flash memory card reader, the burst rate of the hdd slows down about 20% under windows 2k pro i tried many combinations of bios settings & ide drivers & latency patch for via chipsets, but everything failed to restore the burst to the normal 65mbytes/sec (with usb flash card reader, it went down to 54mbytes/sec) the usb2 pci card has a nec chip which i heard that the best among usb2 chips any solutions other than getting rid of problematic via chipset board? thanks
  5. i am selling a like new case WITHOUT the power supply. i am also including two extra 80mm fans (back & side panel) & an extra drive tray. this case is in the original package you can either buy it through or directly from me for 59usd + actual shipping postage please email me thank you
  6. i have few ativa 1GB U3 smart enabled flash memory w/ software (mcafee anti-virus, pass2go, migo, u safe) it's 23usd shipped w/ delivery confirmation (insurance is optional for 1.25usd) i can accept paypal email me shimman (at) i have references at heatwave & ebay(sh740)/amazon(shimman0) this is sold at for 79.99usd
  7. shimman

    FS: Modded & refurbished PS2

    now it comes with a sony brand controller instead of matcatz the price is reduced to 125usd + actual s/h; not taking OBO
  8. selling like new condition old fatty style playstation 2 it was modded with ghost2 chip new 400C laser was installed & used less than 10 hours since then including the system + a/v & a/c cables + 3rd party controller asking 140usd + actual shipping or best offer email me shimman (at) netzero (dot) com thanks
  9. received as a gift, and i already has a dvr-111bk, so i am selling it for 59usd + s/h (~5 to 10usd) this unit is sold at the for 99usd + tax it is in the new & sealed condition email me shimman (at) netzero (dot) com this is the link to the bestbuy (model# DVR-S111B)
  10. resonance of case isn't limited to samsung & maxtor, but i am having same problem with 500GB hitachi & 320GB western digital, and 160GB seagate this problem was rather annoying with my antec sonata case, and i did not want to suspend drives as i was recommended to secure them to get better seek performance & longer life from seagate customer support one of the problem is the case design (they should have known about the 7200rpm resonance frequencies); old models used thicker steel, so that the vibration is smaller and not noticable in my case my old case was sonata which isn't bad but had few quirks, and now i am using antec 1080amg which is far better in terms of resistance to hdd vibrations
  11. selling working pull parts (2 x 64MB) (total 128MB) pc-100 ECC hp-micron dimms (5usd for (2 dimms)+ actual s/h) 1 x 128MB pc-100 ECC samsung (5usd + actual s/h) 1 x pentium 3 450 slot 1 w/ 512kb cache (heatsink attached) + hp oem delta vrm (probably needed for dual processor capable motherboard) (5usd + actual s/h) 1 x ati rage 128 16MB 2x AGP graphic card (5usd + actual s/h) s/h can be combined email me shimman (at) netzero (dot) com thank you
  12. selling NEW selphy cp510 for 47usd shipped us only (NO AK/HW/APO/FPO/POBOX) email me shimman (at) netzero (dot) com thank you
  13. unless you think there is physical problem with your drive, you can just use quick format which will take far less time esp. on the external usb2/ieee1394a drives if you are using usb2 under windows, look for any usb devices in problem system->device manager; sometimes you can disconnect & recoonect will fix the problem. if you have not assigned the drive letter, try to look whether the external drive was recognized by windows under administrative tools->computer manger->drive manger, then use right click to assign a letter