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  1. why is there no noise data in this review?
  2. check this out for raid performance analysis w/ ICH9r
  3. read it, bump/comment/digg if you like.
  4. There are no huge false assumptions there,, I said could , and if there is no contiguous area on the disc large enough to fit the write, it'll be fragmented, and worst case, is: horribly..worst case with bad fragmentation is minutes for a single write, since each partial cluster write costs around 1/4th of a second.
  5. bump/comment/digg if you like
  6. thanks ill update my word choice regarding cell/block ,and fix that read/write wrong-word issue.
  7. I updated my analysis a lot to understand some details, check it out:
  8. well yeah i mean u wouldnt wanna defrag an SSD... but most stuff thats fragmented wouldnt be re-writtent a lot... regardless i think SSDs are essentially understood by the effective random read/write seek times and the effective sequential throughput
  9. thanks, I calculated the blocks on the OCZ drive to be around 10MB.
  10. bump/comment if you like...
  11. steve8

    New OCZ SSD my review, as far as i can tell the only review that makes sense of the unit.
  12. absolutely yes an entry for an avg 7200 drive is good. no need to waste space on all the desktop drives, but 1 is good... this is useful for people interested in building/buying SFF computers... and to be reminded of the gap between notebook and desktop drive performance.
  13. how about 7800.9 160GB unit which uses a single 160GB platter. ? how does the performance/ noise/power etc compare? i wouldnt be surprised if the unit was sizably better in performance and noise. anyway how about the T7k250?... the choice of competition seems odd.
  14. steve8

    Memory Density Improvements?

    1GB DIMMs in DDR are already pretty close in price to 2x512MB
  15. steve8

    TestBed4 ideas

    anyone have anything to add or suggest regarding testbed four hardware options?