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  1. Seems pointless. I don't think the Chinese can tell what's going on inside the companies. Surely there's common hardware and software by now? What about Toshiba vs HGST? Any overlap? Still common hardware/software? In my neck of the woods, not the US, HGST is more or less gone in 3.5".
  2. Following what Brian said... So what's the deal with HGST? Why isn't it just dubbed Western Digital now? Are the models that Toshiba's 3.5" drives based on still produced by HGST or is HGST now targeting just enterprise?
  3. Not worried, just curious. It looks a bit strange and hackish. Mickey, I don't mean the solder but the wires. Samsung F1 have a different oddity. Looks like the wires are running from the solder blobs into an open central hole. Couldn't get it to focus well, but you can see it vaguely: Seagate 7200.11 are the neatest. Also not even using a flex cable, and the component side of the PCB is facing into the drive. But we all know how's reliability. Interestingly, the poking wires are evident, although to a lesser degree, also in IBMs. Also the exposed test points. The IBM heritage still shows! IBM Dethstar (2001): IBM DTTA (1999): In the only unconnected WDC I have, an old one, the large PCB covers the motor area. And this concludes the HDD motor connection study. For the time being.
  4. eshap

    New internal drives for data storage

    Maybe there are still HGST stocks, though I'm not sure how. As far as I can tell, HGST's 3.5" drive production is Toshiba's since 2012 (bought by WD initially then sold to Toshiba).
  5. I noticed that in Toshiba's 3.5" HDDs, at least some of them, there are wire ends sticking out from the solder joints on the HDD motor cable, near the motor. Maybe it's the same as when these drives were Hitachi. What's up with that? I don't recall seeing something similar on other manufacturers' drives. More example photos: this one, and another one.
  6. If not an attachment or a filehost, SoundCloud for fancier audio-specific hosting.
  7. eshap

    How bad is it?

    You can wipe the drive, or use encryption.
  8. If I see a regular increase in the remapped/pending count on a drive, I definite won't trust it anymore. Maybe a year ago I retired a 40GB WD that was 10-11 years in service. If I recall it had about 30K hours (I could check), and either no remapped sectors or just a static few from years ago.
  9. How many hours did those 10 year olds have?
  10. Any generalizations for consumer drives, any brand and model, mainly desktop but not only? The Backblaze info says they use standard drives, even drives sold as basic external drives. If I recall, maybe also Google frequently uses standard drives. These run 24/7, last a few years, or more. If I take the warranty period as an indication, assume 24/7, and add some extra, 3 year drives are ~30K hours. But then, Backblaze's >94% survival rate after 3 years, excluding Seagate, shows it can be much more than that. So I wonder when one should retire drives based on hours, and whether offline/nearline HDD storage can be good for 10+ years.
  11. If a drive spends most of its time turned off, is there an expected limit to its lifespan? Conversely, is the N years failure rate actually N*365*24 active hours?
  12. eshap

    Opinion on Toshiba 3.5" HDDs?

    What's better than forcing users to buy new drives for each combination of possible firmware settings? We need 3rd party, open source, HDD firmware.
  13. Waiting for a 120GB drive with similar price/GB and performance that's not much worse.
  14. eshap

    Seagate Baracuda 1 TB question

    That's what the linked article suggests; that the value increases over time as long as there are no actual errors.
  15. eshap

    Seagate Baracuda 1 TB question

    Maybe it's normal. Other people encounter ~60, and there's some details over here that may or may not be accurate, but there are further references.