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  1. Kaleid

    raptor or other?

    I would consider the WD 640GB drive instead.
  2. Kaleid

    T166 slow and loud - normal?

    Those Samsungs vibrate a lot, have you tried softmounting them? I have mine on foam and it's very silent.
  3. Kaleid

    Fastest SATA Desktop Drive Under $100?

    Well the Samsung F1 320GB would be my first choice and then after that the WD 320GB single platter (which supposedly might get a firmware update to deal with the poor access time)
  4. http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=3236
  5. Kaleid

    New WD 320GB/platter drives

    Could it be that these drives are 5400rpm like the GP series? If so I don't really mind, as I prefer silence over superb speed which results into noise.
  6. Kaleid

    WD7500AAKS vs. HD753LJ vs. ST3750330AS

    For storage I'd get a Western Digital Green power... and then there's the new 640GB WD coming as well. Two 320GB platters.
  7. Use memtest and see if your RAM is working properly.
  8. Kaleid

    Samsung F series?!

    Many 750GB F1's seem available at many shops in Sweden. The price is alright, but I may pick up a 2-platter 640 instead. FINALLY
  9. Me too, 334GB/ platter seems tempting.
  10. Swedish webshop dustinhome.se also has it. Unfortunaly very poor price per gigabyte so I'll have to pass. Hopefully the 7200.11 are soon to follow...
  11. According to anandtech the 1TB Hitachi drives format to usable 931.5 GB
  12. I'll give som details as soon as the new PSU arrives (should be this week). I've benchmarked both with Hdtune and hdtach and the performance was in par with a Samsung 500GB t166. By default it ran in SATA1 mode, decreasing the burst speed 80-100MB/s...
  13. Kaleid

    Samsung F series?!

    According to Fudzilla, the new Seagate 1TB with 250GB/platter will start shipping next week: http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=c...41&Itemid=1 It's too expensive for me, but hopefully it'll give a hint on how the drive series perform. I hope it's far more silent the .10 series...
  14. Well, you're probably right, other than the burst speed (which jumped from 133 to 214MB/s) there is likely no real difference. Perhaps this also enabled NCQ...I've seen Seagate perform very poorly in multitasking benchmarks on same websites...
  15. This topic is gold. So I had been running my Seagate in SATA1 mode as well. D'oh!!!