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    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    Hi Timwith, hello Storagereview, I returned the cuda V drive and got a new one so I will test it today One interesting remark to my first drive: There is a SMART parameter called Seek Error Rate vital for the disk. I've checked several other disks and there is 0 hexa. The before mentioned disk did following: - during copying large amount data (eg program files folder) from partition to partition the number of Seeks Errors had increased by amount of aprox. 1000h every 20-30 seconds, the total number was like 342CE34 hexa. What does it mean in reality (the seeks were quite loud so I guess the unit had a problem to find the proper track).. Thanks for an explanation of SMART parm.
  2. miki

    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    Hi, I've purchased this hdd (last friday) as I was quite happy with my 40g bara IV (absolutly silent, I had to put my fingers on it to be sure it works..). Pros: + it has 120GB kapacity + that it has at least the same performance as the IV (Sandra 2002: 27k first third NTFS, 26k FAT32 middle, 18k FAT32 end) Cons: - hot, hot (did +3grade in my case) - loud (it generates a high pitch whistle) and when moving heads you can hear those clearly even outside the case So in comparision with my previous bara IV 40G is MUCH more louder. PS: How to switch on the noise reduction (as I am sure this MUST be off)?? Thanks.