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  1. if some of you are interested in the chenbro 4u, here's a link to my building log:
  2. Concerning the Lian Li v2100, i can't recommend it for big storage. I have mine running 12 hds for now (i added 5.25 --> 3.5 converter bays so the enclosure maxes out at 21 hds & DVD drive) The HD compartiments only have one 12cm fan... for 12 hds. this is enough for the 6 hds in front of the cooler, but the 6 hds behind the 6 first arent nearly cooled enough. they overheated for me. That's why i moved towards a Chenbro Rackmount a few months ago. They're expensive, but not by that much, if you build them yourself. My 4U rackmount with 16 hot-swap S-ataII bays was around 600 euro, with a seasonic 600w powersupply. I added a server mobo from asus to it, a gig of ram, and a cheap amd64. Raid is done by an areca 16port pcie8x card. This would get you to a total cost of around 2000euro, but without any harddisks. Seeing that 320gig hds sell for around 100 euro here, that'd add 1600 bucks for 5120gigs of hd space... roughly the 5tera you wanted. Hope that helps a bit
  3. noir

    Looking for SSD/Ramdrive/Other

    it seems to me that the gigabit iRam is the best solution for common mortals users out there. You might want to wait for the gigabit iRam v2... it will max out at 8x2gigabyte ram, and will be mounted in a 5,25 slot.
  4. if you go for a 2560x1600 resolution , you'll most certainly need a dual link capable graphics card. and those don't come in cheap, unfortunately. as for raiding 2 hds, its best to chose your motherboard wisely and use its onboard raid controllers... those are usually integrated on the chipset and won't slow you down, as a pci 32bit solution would.
  5. Like the topic states, i wanted to know what flavor of the 7200.10 you guys would recommend for my fileserver. I'll be the only user accessing it. I remember reading in another thread that the 7200.10 AS (normal edition) was as or even more reliable than WD raid edition drives... so i am wondering if i should really pay 440€ for the ES edition or if i should just go with the 340€ AS. Thanks in advance
  6. i'm not completely sure of this, but wouldn't it be easier to just have the 2 OS drives in RAID0 as well?
  7. Sy, thank you for bringing up this issue. I haven't bought an Areca card just yet, but i will inquire on compatibility once i have the funds for the card. The p5ld2 strikes me as a normal consumer motherboard though, whereas the K8N-LR i chose seems to be specifically directed to server use, as it already has a graphics card built in. I will definately look into this though, as i planned on using the pcie16x (which works actually as pcie8x on this motherboard) for the areca controller.
  8. sorry, i noticed too late that that forum only allows regged users to see stuff. so i decided to move it to my old one:
  9. I just finished building the fileserver, and i put up a thread in another forum with a few pictures. For those who might be interested:
  10. i don't know if this will help you, but i plan for rather big storage as well; right now i have a chenbro 4U holding 16 drives, will be raided. as possible extension, i'll add a dualchannel scsi320 card to the fileserver case. that way, i can connect subraid cases with integrated s-ata2 raid controllers (chenbro at areca combi for that). Theoretically dual-channel scsi320 can take 15 devices per bus. My mobo in the fileserver has 2 free pci-x 64/133 slots, which would allow 2 scsi cards, thus 2x 15 devices, with each device being a subraid carrying 16 s-ata2 hds. Talk about expandability the problem with this is just the controller cost. cases aren't that expensive, i got a 4U chenbro one new for 700€ with psu and integrated s-ata backplanes. have to love rackmounts
  11. thank you for pointing that out, 888. so this will be a little fight between the 500gigs wd, seagates, and the 750gig seagate one. luckily i still have 1-2 months to wait to decide, as i have to raise the funds for the areca card first
  12. it won't matter if they're quiet or not, the server will be in a seperate room. Unfortunately i don't have the funds nor the needs for high-cost SCSI drives. It will just be a storage solution for me and my family. SCSI disks are way too expensive and dont have enough storage capacity for me to do this. if you'd say that the 7200.10 gets hotter than than the WDs, i'd understand. right now i dont see a disadvantage of using the 750gigs barracuda ES?
  13. i thought of using 7200.10 drives. iops wouldn't be so important, as we'll only be 2-3 users max accessing the raid. why do the cheetahs and the WD cope better in a rack full of disks? please elaborate, i don't know what you mean by this
  14. bought the necessary parts, except for storage drives and raid controller. i'll play around with it a bit first... i'll tell you the outcome (eventually when funds allow to buy more stuff)
  15. 888, thanks, that's perfect news! i am scared on letting normal hds run on 24/7. with these i might sleep well