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  1. judgmentday

    Sandisk 120GB G25 SSD

    I just want to report that I installed a Sandisk 120GB G25 SSD on my HP DV7-7012nr laptop and I'm very impressed how fast this thing is. My battery life it is about 10 hrs plus (doing light work and with the SATA hard drive was about 7hrs) and I don't get heat. Cloning the SSD was very easy. I used Acronis True Image 2013. I'm using the stock 750GB hard drive as an external hard drive for storage. I put it on a 3.0 USB 2.5 enclosure and works great.
  2. judgmentday

    Migration with System Reserved partition

    Just clone your hard drive using any backup software like Clonezilla ver. AMD64, Acronis 2013, Ghost, etc. Make sure you select the right source hard drive and target SSD. If you are not that familiar with this task, just try first with another hard drive as source until you know for sure what you want to accomplish. However, I think that when you boot from the just cloned SSD, you'll get booting errors but you can fix it with the Windows 7 CD. If you have a newer computer like my HP DV7 laptop most likely it will have a UEFI BIOS (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) which will not allow you to see your target hard drives. You need a newer version of your backup software. I have Acronis 2013 home and Clonezilla AMD64 that can do the job. I'm waiting for my SanDisk 120GB G25 to replace the hard drive on my DV7. I'll post some impressions after I install it. My DV7 is already super fast and very responsive but still believe I can get more benefits by installing a SSD. Have some fun!
  3. judgmentday

    Sandisk 120GB G25 with 2 Partitions

    Yes, I guess I'm going to backup to an external 2.5 hard drive. I was thinking that if I clone the DV7 Laptop HD, the SSD will be partitioned automatically. The DV7 Laptop HD has like 4 partitions (a hidden win7 100MB for troubleshooting, not hidden HP Recovery, WIN7 Boot Partition and hidden HP Tools). I'll try to copy just the WIN7 Booting Partition to the SSD. If I had a good backup on a external hd I will never need the other stuff that is on the DV7 HD. It will be nice to leave the HP HD as a 2nd hd but I want to avoid extra power consumption.
  4. judgmentday

    Sandisk 120GB G25 with 2 Partitions

    You are right about this. I always keep my images in other places, but I like to keep one in the same hard drive or other hard drives in the same computer to make a quick restore in case of an emergency. Yes, I like windows 7 a lot. Well, I use Ubuntu when I go to very dark places; also, I have a windows 7 machine that I use for testing purposes only. Lately I added another machine to my collection with windows 8 for testing purposes too. Thank you for telling me about the XP mode, I need to try this one. I have plenty of very old software that does not run in Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit. However I have a machine with Windows 7 "32 bit" that I use for many old apps. Does one have to try the different versions of Windows on the Compatibility Tab until one works? Or is there an environment that can be created in Windows 7 or Windows 8 for the app to work?
  5. judgmentday

    Sandisk 120GB G25 with 2 Partitions

    OK, but what if for some reason the ssd becomes unbootable? Isn't it easier to recover if I had a backup image in the 2nd partition? Or wait until I get home to recover by other means? Thank you. I see you registered only one day after I did. Long time that I don't come here to read this forum.
  6. Does this ssd loose any performance if I create 2 60GB partitions? Any suggestions? Greatly apreciated! HP laptop: DV7-7012nr, Windows 7, 8Gb memory, 1x 750GB hd, blu-ray, 17" lcd. I want to have less power consumption, less heat, no noise, more speed, restore easily from a major OS problem, bad app, killer virus, etc Thanks in advance
  7. Is this hard drive better than the Seagate ST31000333AS or Western Digital WD10EADS? Which one would you get? I can get the Samsung for $87.00. Thanks guys.
  8. judgmentday

    Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive

    This is the graph for the Fujitsu 18GB SCSI hard drive:
  9. judgmentday

    Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive

    This is the graph for my Super Talent 32GB SSD: This is the graph for my WD 80GB SATA 7200RPM hard drive
  10. judgmentday

    Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive

    I have a really old motherboard 865G chipset which does not even have SATAII. It has a bandwidth of 150 MB/s. perhaps that explains the low reads on the drive.
  11. judgmentday

    Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive

    I got this one today: http://www.ewiz.com/detail.php?name=FTM32GX25H Super Talent 32GB SSD. It took me a while to figure out how to dump the Acronis image into the SSD but finally I was successful and I'm very happy with this little baby. Much faster than my 15K SCSI hard drive. I noticed great responsiveness. I still put the swap and temp files on an IDE hard drive to avoid fragmentation. Should I leave these files in the SSD? I have 8GB of a booting partition and 22GB free space. I formatted it to the whole capacity of the drive 29.8GB. Read: Min=106.8 MB/s max=121.8 MB/s Average=120.8 MB/s Access Time 0.1ms I couldn't test for Write. I imagine that must be less than reads.
  12. judgmentday

    Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive

    Thank you! I was about to order for $89.00 the Cavalry 32GB.
  13. Hi guys, Which one would be a good SATAII Solid State Hard drive for XP as a boot drive? What do you think about the Cavalry 32GB sequential read/write 130/90MB/s, access time 0.1ms for $89.00. Actually I need like 10GB for booting XP only. http://www.basoncomputer.com/item.aspx?id=CASD00032MIS Thank you for your help.
  14. SATA 750GB Barracuda 7200.11 SATA VS. Samsung HD753LJ 750GB SATA2 7200 VS. Hitachi HD 0A35154 Deskstar 7K1000 Which of the three is the one to get? They are about the same price $117, $118, $119 respectively. Thanks.
  15. judgmentday

    Windows Temp folder

    1) Right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties' from the menu. 2) Click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top and then the 'Environment Variables' button at the bottom. Here you can move the location of both the temp directories - for the user accounts and for Windows. I think it's pretty self-explanatory from here on. Look for the Windows temp location variables under 'System variables'. Thanks a lot!