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  1. I/O Error

    Adaptec 29320 Hostraid problem

    Hmmm is my problem that complicated ? :?
  2. I/O Error

    Adaptec 29320 Hostraid problem

    I've done some more testing, the driver i used was the good one and it's a clean install. As for the testing i put the card with drives in a p4t533-c and it worked perfectly so the drives and card are ok. Here are the specs from the system i'm having problems with, this system worked perfectly with the only thing being different was a 29160 as scsicard : Asus A7M266-D rev 1.04 with latest bios 2x XP2400 1Gb DDR reg ecc Antec truepower 550 Asus GF4 Ti4200 Adaptec duoconnect (Removed for testing) Terratec ewx 24/96 (Removed for testing) Intel pro 100/1000MT pci nic (Removed for testing) 2x WD1200JB (Disabled for testing) The card is in pci slot 2(64bit) atm and has it's own irq. I've tried with and without acpi and single or smp kernel. Thanx for the suggestions so far guys
  3. I/O Error

    Adaptec 29320 Hostraid problem

    Yeah i've done those steps, just finnished building the raid 1 array and it gives the exact same error as with raid 0.
  4. Hello, I just got this card to run my 2 X15-36LP's in raid 0 but i can't get windows to install, it gives me a bsod with an inaccessible boot device. I've tried everything i can think off, atm i'm trying to see if it works with raid1. Both drives are good cos i upgraded from a 29160 and it was working good with that setup. Only thing that might be a problem is that one is a u160 model and the other is a u320 model but i set both drives to u160 in the scsibios and also i spoke to a seagate tech and he said it shouldn't give any problems. I'm using the 1.01 driver from the adaptec site but during the setup it sees the driver version as 1.00. I also installed the card without hostraid supprt and then it can access the hdd normally so i don't think the card is defective, i might be wrong though. I can't really contact adaptec support till after the weekend so i was hoping you guys can give me some tips to fix this frustrating problem.
  5. I ordered an adaptec 29320-R oem for my 2 X15-36lp's to run in my A7m266-D. Do i need this filter to get max performance or is this card not affected by this problem ?
  6. I/O Error

    Adaptec 2120S advice

    Hi, I'm new here and i had a question about a possible raidconfig so i sent a mail to adaptec but somehow i think they want to sell me something i don't need so i came here for a second opinion. Here's the mail i sent to them : What do you guys think about this ? Or maybe you know of a faster/better raidcard which is pci 64/66mhz ? The price i have to pay for the 2200S is too much for me so that 1 isn't really an option. Thanx in advance